The role of money and the way to make money in GTA online

GTA online

GTA 5 is already 10 years old, but its popularity does not subside, and the Rockstar servers are still filled with players and will continue to do so at least until the release of the new 6th part. 

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In this article we will consider all the ways to get it and the most profitable expenses that you can make with the greatest benefit.

First steps

When you start your journey in GTA online and create your own characters, you will have 100 thousand dollars in your account and go to improve your financial position.

To begin with, you need to focus on those activities that are available without the need to buy apartments and real estate.

Firstly, these are missions and activities that bring a double increase in experience and money for GTA V. Such formats are different every week, but through them, you can top up your game account and save for useful real estate – warehouses, apartments for robberies, production.

GTA online


The most important and interesting gameplay format in GTA is heists.

Active players have already tried all their variations and features in the story mode, and for those who are new to this format, everything looks like this.

1. You need an apartment to start a certain robbery.

Your first tasks will be shareware, that is, they will not require any investment in real estate, but in the future such a need will appear.

It will be a country house, an office, a penthouse and a bunker, and even a submarine organized into a command post.

2. You need to reconnoiter the object

Not a single robbery takes place without reconnaissance of the area. You don’t always need to go there physically, but you will have to find out as much as possible at the point where you want to steal a lot of money in GTA 5.

3. Set your team’s share

At the start of the robbery, you must invite or find the required number of players – often this is 4 people, and determine what share each of them will receive.

4. Complete the preparatory tasks

Often these are missions to collect all the necessary equipment for a future heist, which includes vehicles and weapons, additional equipment like sleep grenades and ghillie suits and masks, but each heist requires individual conditions.

5. Robbery stage

You need to carry out the robbery process according to the plan and then hide using the method that you have chosen.

For example, two players storm a robbery zone, the third player takes them at the right moment to a secret place, where the fourth player evacuates everyone to a safe zone where the entire robbery ends.

Important points and tricks regarding robberies

Firstly, for each completed robbery for the first time you will receive 100 thousand as a one-time bonus.

Secondly, you are not obliged to buy all the necessary types of real estate yourself in order to complete this particular robbery – there are quite a lot of offers on the servers to join the robbery – yes, this is not the most stable format, and you never know the skill and adequacy of the players in such sessions, especially However, this is your chance to at least try to get a new reward for yourself without spending money in GTA online.

Open your office

If you save up money for your office, you will receive a full-fledged building in which you can perform tasks to accumulate your warehouses, call a helicopter, or simply relax with friends.

You can buy a warehouse for weapons and drugs, or cars.

It works like this – you take tasks to fill warehouses and when you accumulate the required number of items, you can find a client and go give him an order in exchange for GTA 5 money.

Of course, each type of warehouse needs to be purchased, and the cars will be the most profitable, since a rare, rare car will bring 100 thousand dollars per unit.

A little secret – when moving a car for a buyer, any damage reduces its value, and you will always have opponents who are trying with all their might to regain this car.

The secret is that there will be only three such enemies.

You need to drive slowly and follow the mini-map, and when red dots appear on it, you need to immediately stop and get out of the car before the chase begins.

Just take out a sniper or assault rifle, kill two enemies and calmly move on. There will be two more such points, but after all the enemies are destroyed, you will even be able to drive according to all the rules and stop at a red light, if you wish, of course.

Cars can also be driven in collections, but for this you need to attract friends. It is better not to involve outside players, because they can easily crash the car and leave you without any money at all.


Many players received it for free, or bought it for GTA Online money – the main point is that it allows you to produce and sell weapons.

For production, you need to buy or steal raw materials. If you choose the theft format, a task will appear; if you buy it, you just need to go, pick it up and bring it to the bunker.

When all the raw materials are used up, or the warehouses are full, it will be possible to sell these weapons and earn a lot of GTA money.

Visit the Diamant club

This is the main place in the center of GTA, which will become the point of the most profitable robbery if you buy a penthouse there, or find a group that is preparing for this robbery, but that’s not the point now.

Inside the building, there is a wheel of fortune that can be spun once a day.

Once a week, a unique vehicle is raffled off there, and you will have a chance to get it, or special clothes, or money and chips that can be exchanged for them.

Otherwise, this is a club with a lot of games that you can play and just try to earn money there, but keep in mind that you can lose your savings, so to earn cheap money in GTA V online, it is better to concentrate on robberies, warehouses and office tasks.

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