The Top Five Things to do in EL Nido, Palawan.


El Nido, a cluster of 45 islands and islets, is a favorite island destination for locals and foreigners alike. Situated at the northernmost tip of Palawan Island, El Nido is the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago. The landscape of El Nido is dramatic with high limestone cliffs and clear turquoise waters, and its unmatched beauty is often described as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. This island boasts pristine beaches, hidden lagoons, stunning rock formations, thick jungles, ancient caves, and rich coral reefs, and is a must-visit place for every nature explorer. There’s no reason why El Nido cannot be your next island vacation destination. Plan your trip with this quick list of the five best things to do in El Nido. Book cheap flights with iEagle!


Island-hopping is undoubtedly the most popular thing to do in El Nido. El Nido offers four main island-hopping tours, classified as Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D, of which Tour A and C are the popular ones. The areas covered in these tours include beaches, remote islands, lagoons, caves, etc. They give you the opportunity to enjoy different activities like hiking, caving, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and, of course, relaxing at the beaches.

Visit the Twin beaches of El Nido:


Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach, located to the north of El Nido, are together known as the Twin Beaches. Nacpan Beach, one of the best beaches in El Nido, features a four-kilometer stretch of golden sand lined with tall coconut trees. Calitang Beach is much smaller compared to its twin, yet it is no less beautiful than Nacpan Beach. An unmissable thing to do at El Nido’s Nacpan Beach is to climb the viewpoint situated between the two beaches at sunset hours and take in the heavenly views of the twin beaches drenched in sunset hues.

Take a dip in the Secret Lagoon:


Also known as the Hidden Lagoon, this spot on Miniloc Island introduces you to the hidden beauty of El Nido. Secret Lagoon is a part of island-hopping Tour A. As your boat moves past a sparkling white sand beach and slowly makes its way through a rocky cave-like opening, the breathtaking beauty of this beautiful lagoon enclosed by remarkably high and sharp cliffs blows you away. The coolest thing to do in EL Nido is to take a dip in the cool waters of the Secret Lagoon and photograph the views of the white sand beach.


Diving in El Nido:


With more than 30 diving sites, EL Nido is among the best places to witness marine life. Explore the colorful corals and spot turtles, barracuda, big-eye snappers, and several tropical fish in the waters of the South Miniloc Island; catch the beautiful pelagic sight at the North Rock diving site; and experience the thrill of cave diving inside the Dilumacad tunnel! While Entalula Island lures the divers with its two diving spots (the Wall and the Drift) that are rich with coral gardens and marine life; Nat-Nat is known for macro diving photography.

Kayak the Small Lagoon:

Kayaking the Small Lagoon is one of the most recommended things to do in El Nido if you are seeking to find inner peace in the calmness of nature. Surrounded by towering cliffs, Miniloc Island’s Small Lagoon is another hidden gem of a place in El Nido. Maneuver your kayak boat through a narrow opening in a limestone wall to enter the Small Lagoon. Kayak across the lagoon admiring its majestic beauty, or put on your snorkel and jump into the warm turquoise water to enjoy snorkeling!



      El Nido’s other prominent attractions include Big Lagoon, Nagkalit-kalit Falls, Las Cabanas Beach, Shimizu Island, Seven Commandos Beach, Snake Island, and Taraw Cliffs. Make the most of your tour and experience everything this beautiful island has got to offer you!


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