These Cakes Will Stun Your Mind. Checkout The List Before Throwing A Birthday Party


The cake is the centerpiece of any celebration, and a birthday is such an event that often occurs in family or friends groups. People try to put their full efforts into making the day as special as it could be while throwing a birthday party for their loved ones.

There is no denying that birthday cake is a dessert that is loved by all ages, and if the flavor is butterscotch, black forest, or vanilla, then what’s the point? Well! Often you could have ordered such regular flavored cakes to celebrate the occasion but what if it can go to the next level. 

Here is a list of top designer and sensational cakes that have been attracting people worldwide. People are buying it to make the right centerpiece for birthday celebrations while throwing a party at home or outside for themselves, friends, children, or parents.

1] Rainbow Gems Numbered Cake

Numbered cakes decorated with full of gems add a pinch of color to the elegant party. The shades of the rainbow make this cake outstanding to buy for kids’ birthday celebrations. However, it can be customized, followed by the birthday party theme or personal interest.

2] BTS Boys Fondant Cake

The team of BTS has won millions of hearts all around the world. The BTS lovers never want to miss any chance to see their favourite entertaining team nearby. Following the craze, the cake bakers aren’t leaving any stone unturned to make surprising BTS cakes for the birthday girls and boys. BTS fans love placing online order cake in Gurgaon and other places where their preferences are BTS Extravaganza, BTS Bangtan Boys, and BTS Sweet Sensation fondant cake designs.

3] King or Queen Card Cake

Who doesn’t love playing cards to try their luck or just for entertainment purposes? To surprise such card-playing enthusiasts, designer card cakes are the best options that can be customized, followed by genders like queen or king and other choices. The card cake can be decorated with a choice of suits like clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), spades (♠), and hearts (♥) in completely black, or red, or both.

4] Realistic Opened Makeup Box Cake

Women love doing makeup, and if it’s their birthday, a makeup cake design is the perfect piece of dessert to dedicate to their hobby. Here is the perfect realistic-looking makeup cake to order online that is decorated with lipstick, eye color palettes, makeup bags, brushes, foundations, and more. The collection of such edible makeup elements placed on the cake makes it attractive enough when placed at the center table at the birthday party.

5] PUBG Perfection Cake

PUBG cakes inspired by the world’s most popular games among youngsters are yet another dessert that will blow your mind. An elegant PUBG fondant cake decorated with arms like AKM, KARK-98, AWM, a first aid kit, granite, dropbox, battleground map, level three helmet, iron pan, and more is enough to win the hearts of die-heart battleground game players on birthday.

6] Evergreen Classic Cake

Evergreen cake designs, like Pokoyo Rainbow, Guitar, Frozen Wonderland, Red Love Fondant, Speedy Car, and significantly more, are delicious yet loved by all ages. Whether one is looking to order eggless cake online, vegan cake online, or other types, the classic cakes are ready-to-go options to choose from. However, the red and white heart cake, pink rose garden cake, multi-layer ombre flower cake, and KitKat smash are evergreen cake designs.

7] Stunning Lavish Green Cake

Green is a highly energetic color that can transform a dull mind into an active one. So, what would be a perfect dessert than ordering a multilayered lush green designer cake topped with jungle characters to throw a memorable party? The Kingdom of Baby Lions, Friends Village, Krishna Nagri, and Green Waterfall Jungle are some ultra-realistic cakes to win the hearts of guests invited to the birthday celebration.

8] Tom & Jerry Cartoon Character Cake

Throwing a birthday party for toddlers without having a beautiful kid’s special cake on the table is impossible to imagine. To bridge the gap between children’s excitement and celebration charms, sensational cakes like Tom and Jerry, cute dog families, baby elephants, bear on the tree, heroic Superman, dinosaur world, naughty Mickey Mouse, and Chota Bheem are just to go for.

Why These Cakes Are Hot-Selling Items At Online Bakery Shops?

The phrase “selling like hotcakes” ideally fits here to denote the demands of such stunning and realistic-looking cakes. The art of playing with edible items used in the baking process and the realistic-looking cake designs make these hottest-selling items at the local and popular online bakery shops.

Further, the neatly placed variety of fondants with thoughtfulness and must-have dessert at birthdays make these designer cakes a unique centerpiece for the party. Besides, the logical reasons behind these out-of-world cakes are their pocket-friendly price and effortless facilities of online delivery almost everywhere in the world.

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