Top 10 Things To Do In Medellin


1.Wander Parque Arvi 

This park is deserving of its own entrance. Situated in the mountains close to the city, you can take the gondola directly from the metro to the recreation center’s passage. It’s a wonderful ride through the slopes and offers some inconceivable perspectives on the valley and city. The recreation center traverses 16,000 hectares and incorporates trails that go back more than 1,500 years. At the recreation center passage, you’ll locate a little market just as trails to climb. To visit, you presently need to take a guided visit. It costs 5,000-7,000 COP ($1.50-2.25 USD) contingent upon the path (most paths are 2-4km long). Winged creature watching visits are likewise accessible. Book your flight with Hawaiian airlines confirmation.

2.Explore Jardín Botánico 

The professional flowerbeds, a peaceful retreat from the clamor and disorder of the city, have various occasions, shows, and celebrations consistently. They cover more than 14 hectares and are home to around 4,500 blossoms and about 139 diverse fledgling species.There’s additionally a pleasant (if not overrated) café in the middle in the event that you want to invest more energy here unwinding and taking in the scene. 

3.Museo de Antioquia 

A previous city corridor turned gallery, this spot houses an extraordinary assortment of works by Fernando Botero. He’s one of Colombia’s most renowned specialists, and he had an inclination for painting everything tubby. Brought into the world in Medellín, the craftsman belittled his old neighborhood historical center by giving a considerable lot of the works himself. Aides suggest beginning the highest level with his prior pieces and advancing down to consider him to be as a craftsman. The gallery additionally houses works by global craftsmen and offers a sound guide on the off chance that you need to learn much more. There’s a little bistro and patio here where you can enjoy a reprieve. 

4.Free Walking Tour 

The free strolling visit in Medellín by Real City Tours is one of the most well known strolling visits on the planet. Become familiar with the city’s troublesome past from a wise and experienced guide. This is a decent method to escape Poblado and see a greater amount of the city, taste some nearby nourishments, and hear how the neighborhood individuals truly feel about Pablo Escobar. You’ll see places like Parque Berrio, the Forest of Lights, and Parque San Antonio. Do this visit toward the start of your stay in Medellín so you’ll have heaps of chronicled foundation on the city – in addition to your guide will give you incredible food and nightlife tips! Make certain to join early so you get a spot, and realize that it’s not thoroughly free – you should tip toward the finish of the 4-hour visit. 

5.Santo Domingo and Biblioteca España 

On the off chance that you take a ride up the metrocable, you’ll get a brief look at a couple of the less fortunate barrios on your way all over. It’s a legitimate investigation of life in these brilliant neighborhoods which were once the focal point of a combat area. During the day it’s fine to stop in Santo Domingo to view – perhaps snatch a lager and some singed chicken and arepas from one of the little neighborhood eateries. Numerous individuals likewise get off here to look at the Biblioteca España, an enormous, current library worked from a dark record that is becoming like a nearby public venue. 

6.Plaza Botero 

The stone worker Fernando Botero Angulo hails from Medellin and the Plaza Botero is the best spot to see his overwhelming figures. Midway situated in the “old quarter” of the city, it tends to be reached by means of the nearby Parque Berrio metro station. While you’re there, ensure you additionally look at the Museo de Antioquia. Passage is free and inside you’ll discover a large number of Botero’s artworks, just as work from different renowned Latin American craftsmen. 


Albeit not a piece of the city itself, Guatapé is a town in the bigger district of Antioquia and is a genuine must visit for anyone investing energy in Medellin. Found two hours out of the city, guests come to appreciate the town’s pretty huge houses and absorb the characteristic excellence of the encompassing territory. The fundamental fascination of this modest community is El Peñol, a transcending rock peering over the entire encompassing zone. The precarious ascension, somewhere in the range of 600 stages, merits the exertion and the top offers some really extraordinary perspectives on the lakes and slopes underneath. 

8.Forget Narcos 

In the event that you’ve just found out about Real City’s strolling visits, it’s all things considered. What’s more, on the off chance that you haven’t, well here you go. The around four-hour guided gathering visits are an excessively enlightening approach past the (generally mis-)view of Medellin that Narcos engraved into the entirety of our minds and give you a tornado diagram into the city’s set of experiences, the narco time, and its renewal. During the visit, you’ll additionally see all of downtown Medellin’s vacation spots like Plaza Botero, Plaza Cisneros (a.k.a. Parque de las Luces), Paseo Carabobo person on foot shopping road, El Hueco strip mall, and Parque San Antonio. 

9.Go for lunches in bunches

From around 12-3 p.m. consistently aside from Sunday (and once in a while not Saturday as well), pretty much every eatery in Medellin offers lunch specials called menu del dias. Menu del dias incorporate a soup, a primary plate, a beverage, and now and again a pastry. They’re reasonable (regularly from 9,000 to 15,000 pesos, or $3 to $6 USD) and they’re wonderful. From vegetarian, to Indian, to French, to Colombian, whatever your dietary inclinations are and whatever you’re hankering, there’s a menu del dia for you. Attempt the greatest number possible in Medellin, now and then even two in the exact day. For a gigantic rundown of the best ones around, with appraisals, scores, photographs and the sky’s the limit from there, look at the colossal Medellin menu del dia direct Chris went a piece over the edge in creation. For any further query please visit on our official site  Copa airlines phone number usa.

10.Head for the hills

Medellin is flanked by mountains toward the east and west in the Aburra Valley. These mountains are shockingly effectively available (numerous by open travel) and brimming with rich wilderness, cascades, butterflies, flying creatures, great city sees, and basically no others. The main test is finding the path. While climbing in Medellin, we got lost at times in light of the fact that the paths are inadequately checked. That is the reason we began delineating them and working out advisers for our number one climbs. You can discover every one of our advisers for our number one Medellin climbs here. In case you’re without help from anyone else as well as anxious about getting lost or captured in the wilderness, look on Facebook for climbing gatherings to go with. Kinkajou Adventures is a decent one.






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