Top 3 email marketing platforms for newbies

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Running a well-established email campaign can be quite challenging for businesses, more so if you are a small business owner and you have a limited budget and knowledge about email marketing. Therefore, here is a list of three easy-to-use email marketing platforms for newbies.


For the uninitiated, Mailchimp is an email marketing automation platform that helps businesses target their customer base with custom templates. A month ago, Mailchimp was all over the news for being acquired by Intuit for a whopping $12 billion. Such a high valuation for a bootstrapped company was unheard of. This should be a testament to the quality of the service that they are offering. 

Mailchimp helps you maintain the hygiene of your email list and create automation workflows for your marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is a web-based application. It simply means you can access it from any web browser. You do not have to crowd your device with heavy software. 

What are some of the benefits of using Mailchimp?

  • Free to use

When you create your account with MailChimp, you get to use all the basic features for free. You will be charged nothing as long as you have less than 2000 email subscribers. This positions Mailchimp as one of the leading email marketing platforms for newbies. Once your subscriber base starts to grow, you can then select a paid plan that is most suitable to your needs.

  • Detailed analytics

Mailchimp offers a detailed analysis of open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and many more. All these data come in really handy during your initial day of email marketing. It allows you to modify your templates and target audience accordingly to improve the stats. 

  • Simple interface

Finally, Mailchimp has a tremendously easy-to-navigate user interface. They do so to ensure that the new users are not getting overwhelmed by all the advanced features. Even novice email marketers can use the interface to create customized templates for their various email campaigns. 


ActiveCampaign is another email marketing software that is aimed towards email marketing newbies. But, ActiveCampaign is so much more than a simple email marketing platform. It also offers sales software and a CRM platform. ActiveCampaign is often considered the best email marketing platform when it comes to email automation. This is because they already have hundreds of pre-built automation algorithms that help you personalize your email campaigns. 

What are the benefits of ActiveCampaign?

  • Cost-efficient

When compared to other email automation platforms, ActiveCampaigns gets the upper hand with their aggressive pricing. The subscription fees for using their services can go as low as $9/month. Email marketers can leverage such pricing to alleviate financial concerns regarding their budget and focus more on amplifying their marketing efforts. ActiveCampaign also offers a free trial period of 14 days for you to explore their various offerings.

  • Excellent interface

Like other great email marketing platforms, ActiveCampaign also sports a well-designed and intuitive user interface. Email marketers can start to create automation workflows for their custom email campaigns with only a few hours of training. With a friendly interface, it uses smart nudges to indicate the next appropriate actions whenever you get stuck. 

  • Segmentation techniques

To create automated campaigns with personalized emails, you first need to segment your customer base. ActiveCampaign has simplified the complicated segmentation process by introducing the tags feature. Once you start using this feature, you will notice an increased response rate from your subscriber list.


iContact email marketing platform is specifically created keeping small and medium-sized businesses in mind. iContact is a versatile application and can be accessed via Windows, Linux, and macOS. Even though the price for its starting packages is quite low, it offers various features comparable to those of a more advanced email marketing platform. These features include A/B testing, automation, drag-and-drop editor, and more. 

What are the benefits of using iContact?

  • No-code interface

The entire interface of iContact email marketing platforms is based on a no-code approach, especially the email builder. The email builder is a drag-and-drop editor that can be used by amateur email marketers to build appealing custom email templates from scratch. Email marketers also do not need extensive knowledge of HTML coding to get started. 

  • Email template library

iContact also has an email library that has over 55 email templates to choose from. Therefore, you need to get some inspiration to create your template; you can select a template from their library and then edit it as per your aesthetics. These pre-built emails have also proven to generate high ROI in the past. However, when it comes to custom texts, you get a lot less variety.

  • Integration

iContact is also compatible with multiple other platforms. You can easily integrate it with WordPress, Magneto, Zapier, Shopify, LeadsBridge, and others. No matter which platform you use to host your other eCommerce functions, you can always connect it with the iContact email marketing platform.

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Before you select one email marketing platform for your business, you should first outline your needs. It will help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing the best platform for you. Also, ensure that customer care of your email platform is top-notch, as you might frequently run into trouble as an email marketing newbie. If you are still unsure about which platform to use, you can try out each email marketing platform, as most of them offer free plans or free trials.

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