Types of Hearing Losses and Their Treatments


Hearing loss is a common problem that many people face. There are various types of hearing losses, and each one requires a different treatment. This blog post will discuss the different types of hearing loss and the treatments available for each one. Read on to learn more.

Sensorineural hearing loss

One of the primary types of hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss. In the words of a seasoned ear doctor on Staten Island, this type of hearing loss is usually caused by damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. For instance, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, or a head injury can all lead to sensorineural hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is usually permanent, but there are treatments available that can help improve your hearing.

In this case, sensorineural hearing loss can be treated with a cochlear implant, which is a device that helps to stimulate the auditory nerve. It can also be treated with hearing aids, which amplify sound and make it easier to hear. Just make sure that in choosing a hearing aid, you work with an experienced audiologist to find the best option for you.

Conductive hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss is another type of hearing loss that can be caused by several different things. It can be caused by a blockage in the ear, such as wax buildup or a foreign object in the ear. It can also be caused by damage to the eardrum or the bones in the middle ear. This means that your eardrum vibrates, but the sound cannot travel to the inner ear. As a result, you cannot hear as well.

Conductive hearing loss can be treated with surgery, which is used to remove the blockage or repair the damaged structures. In this case, your doctor will most likely refer you to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist. They are the ones who are trained to perform this type of surgery. However, in some cases, conductive hearing loss cannot be cured and will require the use of hearing aids.

Mixed hearing loss

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss can be treated with both cochlear implants and hearing aids. Some people first report symptoms of conductive hearing loss, such as a feeling of fullness in the ear or difficulty hearing. However, over time, they may also experience sensorineural hearing loss.

In some cases, surgery may also be necessary to treat mixed hearing loss. This is because mixed hearing loss is also often caused by damage to both the inner ear and the middle ear. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for mixed hearing loss. Each case must be evaluated on its own to determine the best course of treatment.


If you or someone you know is dealing with hearing loss, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you start treatment, the better your chances are of recovering your hearing. Don’t wait to get help, contact an audiologist today. Rest assured that there are treatments available for all types of hearing loss.

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