Want to know eyewear trends for 2023?

Want to know eyewear trends for 2022?

Every year, fashion-forward people wait for the upcoming year’s fashion trends so they could update their closet. And if you wear glasses, then you probably have an eye out for the latest eyewear trends as well. 

Glasses are the most intimate fashion accessory as they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. They put your personality and style in the front and help you look your best. And when you choose the right pair for the right occasion, they can alter people’s perception of you. 

But apart from finding the right shape and style, it’s important to stay on trend as well (if you like that). So, we are here to give you a sneak peek of eyeglasses styles you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022. 

While some of these styles are fresh as a breeze, others might have been with us for the past few years. Here are the eyewear styles you need in 2022 to look trendy and stylish. 

Eyeglasses styles 2023

1. Oversized silhouettes

We know that oversized silhouettes are not new but they had to be on this list. These glasses give out a vintage vibe mixed with the modern touch of contemporary materials such as wood and transparent. 

Rebel against minimalism and make a strong fashion statement with oversized specs. These are truly special if you want to look more interesting and intriguing to people. 

Not only this, the wide lenses have a broader field of vision allowing you to see everything a bit clearer. So, those with vision problems will benefit from oversized reading glasses or prescription glasses. 

2. The cool cat-eye

Cat-eye glasses aren’t going anywhere out of trend in the upcoming year. Being the most favourite style in women’s eyewear, the classic silhouette gets regular updates and tweaks to keep things fresh and relevant. 

In 2022, you’ll see cat-eye glasses that are a lot bolder and edgier with eye-catching elements like embellishments. The shape will get a little more angular to give a boost to your self-confidence. 

To emphasise your feminine elegance and grace, get these glasses with floral frames. If you are a professional woman, then you can try neutral hues to balance your corporate look. 

3. Thin metal rims 

Where chunky and bold frames look appealing, the minimal thin metal rim glasses have a fanbase of their own. 

Designed with thin metal wires, these glasses look casual yet sophisticated at the same time. Look for timeless shapes to look more classy in your metal glasses. You can also try out boxy silhouettes to give a modern touch to your glasses. 

The sleek lines of these frames also make for a great professional accessory. These are available across a number of colour options to suit your personal taste. 

4. Coloured lenses 

Coloured lenses look cool. And with models such as Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill going all out on this trend, it’s sure to stay with us in 2022 as well. 

Choose the lens colour as per your skin tone. If your complexion is dark, then any lens colour will do wonders for your smart looks. But, if you have pale skin or a light complexion, then you’re better off with shades that fall in the yellow spectrum. They look the most uplifting to your skin colour. 

Coloured lenses are also a great alternative to transition glasses that change colour under UV light. And since people can see your eyes behind tinted lenses, you can sport these glasses indoors too. 

5. Square glasses

Square glasses are everywhere this season and the situation won’t change even in the upcoming year as well. 

Get yourself a vintage pair in a square silhouette and a chunky body to look studious. You can also get these glasses in thin metal rims to look more modern and carefree. 

Square glasses aren’t too serious like rectangular specs nor they are as quirky as other geometric shapes. Square glasses are hip with a little bit of vintage vibe. 

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6. Wooden glasses

Wooden glasses are loved by all for their natural appeal. They have a unique appearance and give you a distinguished look from everyone else. And even when these glasses look so simple, they are enough to catch the attention of the onlookers. 

Make a difference with your glasses. Why go for plastic frames when you can look super chic and stylish in eco-friendly wooden eyewear? And the added features and comfort are a plus.   

Wooden glasses frames are often a mix of raw wood and various metals. Thus, they are durable and more robust than other eyewear. 

7. Colourful frames 

The upcoming year is going to be all about bold and rich colours on stylish frames. From intense red to calm blue, you can be adventurous and dare with a splash of colours on your eyeglass frame. 

Whether you like fearless purple for a statement-making look or royal blue to look sophisticated, you can do so much with these colourful glasses. If you don’t like your accessories boring, then these glasses will provide you with that punch of style that grabs attention wherever you go. 

If you’re seeking a change from your regular look, you can wear these colourful frames and look fresh. For a unique look, you can also go for patterns and embellishments on your colourful frames.

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