What Made the Corporations Choose VPN for Security?


The rise of virtual private networks in recent years is the direct result of online thefts and terrorism. Every year, hacker groups break into business enterprises’ networks and steal information worth millions of dollars. These groups are untraceable and operate from different regions around the world.

This led to corporations’ increased use of global VPN to safeguard their networks and secure their top-secret information. Nowadays, every corporate IT department uses the VPN service for transactions/data sharing. The companies use VPN services to do money transactions, data transfers, 

But, how did these changes happen in just a few years, and how does the VPN help the companies to run their business without external interference and online thefts?

How did VPNs become a vital part of every business enterprise?

As mentioned above, the cyberattacks and data theft in even the most secure corporations have led to the rise of demand for global VPN. According to a report, these attacks cost around $6 trillion to the world. 

It’s not just the giants who were targeted; even small businesses were the victims of

these attacks. Some attackers don’t plan to attack a specific corporation or region; they just let the bug travel freely and get into any devices for stealing data.

How does VPN work?

The purpose of these VPNs is to give end-to-end encryption for every device in your company’s network. This means there is no chance of snooping, phishing, or hacking.

It is so secure that even your internet provider will not be able to trace you or your data consumption details. This VPN provides you with a secure connection to the world wide web irrespective of your location.

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Is it beneficial to have a secure global VPN in your company?

If you only focus on cutting costs for your business, it will be tempting to avoid VPN services. But, if you choose to ignore the online safety of your company, you will be losing multiple times the amount you saved by declining VPN security.

Securing your company’s network is as important as securing your company’s infrastructure. Contrary to what you may think, these VPNs are not that costly. VPNs are considered to be the most cost-effective services, and it doesn’t need any huge IT infrastructure or professionals to operate.

Businesses have realized that protecting their data must be the top priority. In this information age, every individual’s data is valuable. The case of Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a great example of the importance of data security.

The firm (CA) used the information about the personal preferences of thousands of people (acquired from social media) to influence the election (USA).

The same technique could be utilized to influence the elections in other nations as well. Data theft from a bank can result in the loss of the personal wealth of millions. 

When a cyberattack happens to a bank, the attackers don’t just get the money from every individual; they get the complete details of the individual such as their security number, passport, address, assets in possession, etc.

Losing these details to hackers can impact an individual’s life a lot. There have been cases of identity theft, grand larceny, extortion, etc.

Your customer’s and client’s safety and privacy must be your top concern, and that might get compromised if you let your guard down even for a moment. Seeking the service from a VPN service provider will be the best step you can take to protect your company’s private network from hackers.

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