What makes a great book cover design?

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Are you a publisher? Or you are a writer?

Whatever you are, you are hereby seeing the title of this article that is related to book cover design.

Then I could say that you are also someone who has a relation with the book and its cover.

Okay, I’m just kidding. Book cover design has now become an art of satisfaction that also determines the selling number for the books.

Once upon a time, when graphic design and visual content making aren’t in the same situation as a present.

At that moment, the book was published with just a simple cover made with hand-drawn art or single color into it.

Well, that time is almost gone and the new era has begun. In this twenty-first century, every visual content is presented in a way that is so perfect to view.

The design of a book cover isn’t laying back in this period. And you would find some book covers with an almost attractive and eye-catching form that will take the place of your heart if you are a reader.

There are many more issues that work behind to build a successful book cover design. We are describing the same here in the below,

Keep it simple but striking

It is experimental that complex design for book cover can’t perform so well to catch the potential reader’s attention.

When designing a cover for your book, you should have to keep it simple but gorgeous. That is the nature of bestselling books.

With the name of your book, your design should have the ability to say visitors what it has inside. That means readers should have an idea of what the book is related to seeing the cover of the book.

Make it focusing

Book Cover Design Service

Your book cover should be focusing and the design you would include in its cover must have to come with a bigger plot.

Because you have to draw the attention of readers with that, you have to present it in a way that it can do the job perfectly.

Even if it is placed among a bulk number of books, it should have the power to do the job with its cover. Otherwise, readers would miss your book while checking on the library and you may have to lose one reader.

Try to present your book cover on focusing the story. What genre is related to your book? If it is a romantic genre story, then design your cover with a romantic scene that can easily catch the reader’s eye who loves romance books.

Avoid exaggerating

Don’t present it in an exaggerating way. There are some books that you can see in the library with exaggerated covers. People may take those books but mostly they wouldn’t find any interest in buying that.

As all that glitters isn’t gold, readers have always this in their minds. They also like something simple but polished.

To see your book in the hands of real book lovers, you shouldn’t overdo the design of your book cover.

Carefully use colors

When using colors, you should have to use it in a planned way. For color using, the advice is almost the same as the above.

Don’t overage when using colors as it can make your cover look too busy. Besides, the color cast you have to choose for your book cover should have a relation with the story of insides.

While every single color has a unique message left on the visitor’s mind, you should be more careful with the color of your book cover.

You can meet with a graphic design expert to realize the best color theme that also focuses on your story perfectly.

The color theme you have chosen for your cover would give the message to readers what is inside of the book.

Typography for your books name

Typography has become a useful design material for every design process. Book cover design also includes stylish typography designs to display the book’s name.

You can’t find a book without beautiful typography on its cover. There must be the name of the book on its front cover and the author’s name of the book that you can find beneath the cover with some small letters.

You can use typography for both books and authors’ names.

You should pick up the font style for your book name consciously. Try to keep it relevant to the story.

Put a review on the back

Commonly, you will find every single book in the bookshop with a review on its back. The backside of a book cover plays an important role to make one buying decision of a reader.

Book review means a short glimpse of the story. A book review can make a reader more interested in the book. When readers go to a bookshop without any pre-planned or choice of buying books.

They would check the review on the book cover to buy a book in most situations. Book reviews should give any spoiler about the story of the book.

It is very important to follow. If there has been any spoiler out, the readers would lose interest and may jump to buy another book.

To design a book cover perfectly, you should have to follow up on those simple instructions. It is almost better to find a professional one who can realize your needs.

There are so many book cover design experts you will find as a freelance service provider. You can make contact with them to ensure the overall best for this purpose.

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