Which Is Cheaper To Maintain Audi or BMW?


BMW & Audi are two of the favourites of car enthusiasts. But, which one takes the cake when it comes to maintenance?

When you are looking to buy a car for you, what is one of the key deciding factors for you? Do you weigh in the top speed of the car? Or do you wish something that gives you ample space for all the family members? While those might be the concern of average demographics, the majority has other priorities. Of all the car buyers, 95% of the public includes your average driver on the road.

All of those 95% prefer something easier to maintain. BMW and Audi both present various models every year, targeted towards your average consumer. Now, the question arises, which one of them is easier to maintain? Is your money enough to get you an option that does not warrant you to keep on spending more and more? Is there one option that would cause you fewer headaches and more smooth driving experience?

Keep in mind that there is no doubt about the integrity and quality of their vehicles. However, there is only one way to figure out which one is easier to maintain. That is by pitting them against one another. Therefore, let us examine further.

Flagship Models

If you look to buy used car online in New Zealand, then you need to pick out your favourite model. Both Audi & BMW have their flagship models. Therefore, let us see which ones they are.


Audi A4 is the epitome of luxury cars. It has the best feature sets available today. Not only because of its sleek and stylish design. But also because of the myriad of intricate and helpful features that it offers. Moreover, Audi makes sure there are no mishaps for the car owners. As it has extended support from Audi certified shops. Then there is Audi A6. A better rendition of their luxury line as they classify it as an “executive” model.


BMW has many options under its arsenal. However, the BMW 3 Series has always been their top example. It has a variety of features and it provides a fantastic experience to the driver. Then they have their higher model which is BMW 5. An executive car with super-luxury features. However, these two models stand out because they are also their highest selling units. With BMW 3 leading the charge on this one.

Various Maintenance Types

Since there are a variety of maintenance types, it is imperative to understand them. Some are regular while others are major. In order to understand them further, let us break them down separately.


Major upgrades and changes are under this section of maintenance. It includes changing major components and upgrading them over time. This includes changing of engine components. Replacement of the tires as well as of the brakes wires. Moreover, the list also includes paint jobs and various other performance components.


Regular maintenance requires regular check-ups. The car’s oil change, brake show or disc replacement, spark plug change etc. are all counted as regular changes. However, it may depend on the condition and the last check-up. Usually, all experts recommend a thorough check-up every 10 thousand miles. It helps keep the car in good shape and prevents any major upgrades or maintenance requirements.

Which One Is Cheaper To Maintain Then?

Now that we understand the variety of types of vehicles, as well as the maintenance categories, the question still stands. Which one is better? Which car out of the aforementioned models should you go for? While there is no definite answer, let us understand why each one of them makes a good case for themselves.

 Why Choose BMW

BMW is a renowned name. It has a few years on Audi, but they both ushered in the same era. However, BMW has over a hundred year of experience in building vehicles. You would seldom hear about a BMW running into major problems. The average money that a BMW owner expects to pay in the USA is about 150-400$ per maintenance. It means every 10 thousand miles. While any major upgrades may cost up to a thousand dollars. Nevertheless, BMW has certified mechanics all around the globe. Making it easier to find experts.

 Why Choose Audi

Audi has been around since 1932. Since Volkswagen is their parent organization, they stand out as a viable car manufacturer. That is why their cars are high in demand. Because of their sleek and stylish design. However, the average cost of an Audi is just about the same as a BMW. However, the major upgrades may cost a bit more. In the end, it all comes down to this. Which one out of these two that you prefer.


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