Why Is LinkedIn Useful for Your Career?


Even if you’re new to the online job market, you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like Facebook but for jobs, and we’re going to cover exactly why it will benefit you in your career life and job hunt.

On the other hand, if you have been using LinkedIn for a while but haven’t had any success, the chances are that you haven’t made your profile attractive to recruiters. Or perhaps, you’re not updated about the current trends. There can be multiple factors, but it’s fixable.

It pays to use various career resources to build your online profile and craft a winning resume page. For example, you can turn to LinkedIn writing services on Skillhub and get professional help with your job application. Hiring a career advice expert to bolster your portfolio will let you reap the rewards in the long run. Plus, you’ll save yourself time and effort.

Moving on, here’s why LinkedIn is so useful for any professional.

It’s a Strong Job Portal

Traditional PR agencies are pricey. LinkedIn isn’t – it’s free. By tapping into LinkedIn’s resources, you can

  • boost your chances of getting employed;
  • expand your career network;
  • build your reputation.

We’ll dive into the details of those elements further on. Yet, this platform offers a lot of benefits at no cost. Those who have the dime to spend can upgrade the tools at their disposal with LinkedIn premium.

If that’s not convincing enough, let’s put it like this: LinkedIn has monopolized the majority of professionals online. We can parallel it to Facebook or Instagram: although there are many other platforms out there, most users prefer well-known ones.

This is one of the main reasons why LinkedIn is so powerful. It has a large community driving it and making it thrive. 

LinkedIn Has Tons of Recruiters

According to LinkedIn, 87% of recruiters find that it is the most effective portal to find a new candidate.

This reason should be enough for most job seekers online to activate a profile and polish it. Active job seeking or being discovered later on by recruiters through candidate searches will be great for those looking for employment.

But what exactly are active job hunting and passive discovery? 

Active Job Hunting

LinkedIn’s search engine works like any other social media platforms’ search engine. Type in the details of a person/company you are interested in, and it will find it for you. 

LinkedIn’s search engine is optimized to find job openings that can be tailored to your custom search settings. You can find people by searching up their names or through the ‘People You May Know’ section on the home page. 

Passive Discovery

Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for potential candidates. They find the relevant match through keywords. So, the keywords a person uses on their profiles will be the link to being found by a recruiter or hiring manager. A candidate will be notified if they show up on the searches for recruiters.

Moreover, LinkedIn will consistently update its users on any potential job openings that need to be filled up via email for the most part.


It Allows You to Build Your Brand

As a job seeker and LinkedIn user, you are also your own brand. Your profile will serve as a means to be exposed online, so you should treat it seriously. By filling up a LinkedIn profile and polishing it, you can

  • present yourself as an expert in your industry; 
  • highlight your key skills and accomplishments;
  • add a personal touch that will make you stand out from others.

Besides, users can link to other websites on their LinkedIn profiles. It is a perfect opportunity to showcase your portfolio or any website with your work samples. Traffic is important, and using LinkedIn gets you traffic. By branching out from small networks to larger ones, you reap the benefits of strategic exposure.

Moreover, when users let a professional create their LinkedIn profiles for them, their credibility and appeal will potentially increase tenfold. It’s because the profile, along with the traditional resume and cover letter, serves as an additional advantage in your job application. You will definitely impress the prospective employer with your unique brand.

It Can Help With Effective Networking 

Climbing the career ladder means finding the right people to get you through the right doors, and having a support circle doesn’t hurt either. LinkedIn’s big community offers any applicant the chance to network online.

By connecting with professionals and recruiters in the field that you’re trying to break into or those who work in companies you’re interested in, you’re giving yourself a chance to know the outs and ins of the industry.

You can learn from reputable and experienced people and meet those who might later become your colleagues or bosses. There are also LinkedIn groups that can facilitate meetings with like-minded professionals. So, you can constantly grow the pool of useful contacts.

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Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is free to use and has proven that it can expand traffic, exposure, and job possibilities. Since it’s all online, any applicant from anywhere can sign up and get to work with it. More new tips you can find at livecareer reviews here.While there might be a few negative aspects to using LinkedIn, they’re not even substantial enough to be mentioned. The pros outweigh any cons. We do suggest that you sign up and use it to your advantage.

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