Why is Texas a Great Place to Move?


Texas is big, and it’s only getting bigger. It’s home to five of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, and Safebound Moving can help you get there. Let’s break down some of the top reasons Texas should be on your shortlist of destinations to move.

The Texas Economy

There certainly isn’t a lack of jobs in Texas. As a powerhouse in energy and industry, the state has seen incredible growth in the sectors of manufacturing, business, and technology. Houston, in recent years, has emerged as the world’s capital for energy. Texas also has a large military presence, which means many military and government jobs. So, there’s plenty of opportunity in the Lone Star state.

There’s also plenty of benefit on the saving side of finance. Texas is cheaper than other business hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Your paycheck will go much further in Texas than in different areas that offer similar opportunities. There’s an overall lower cost of living in Texas driven by relatively low consumer prices and housing prices. Furthermore, the taxes are incredibly low. The average resident saves about $1,400 in taxes every year compared to California.

Diverse Cultures

Do you think of country music, cowboy boots, and rattlesnakes when you think of Texas? Or, do you think of NASA, Austin’s silicon valley, and the diverse music scene? Both of these visions are true. While Texas is traditionally a right-wing, conservative state, there are plenty of hotspots for progressive thinkers and technological innovation.

Austin is a destination for young professionals because there are new opportunities at every corner. There is constant innovation in this city with the catchphrase “Keep Austin Weird.” Startups like Onnit, Rollick Outdoor, and AppSumo made their home in Austin and are now thriving. If you’re a startup and considering moving your business, Austin is the perfect spot. Our commercial movers can help you get there.

While there are plenty of new ideas roaming throughout the aridity of Texas, there are old, stable giants who call the state home too. We’re talking about Valero, ExxonMobil, Southwest, Whole Foods, and plenty more. If the idea of putting your eggs into the shiny new basket spurs more fear than excitement, those fortune 500 companies are always employing.

Texas is growing fast, and there are a few primary reasons why. First, as we’ve discussed, the economic advantages in terms of jobs and lower cost of living are a driving force in why Americans want to move to the Lone Star State. Furthermore, there is plenty of racial and political diversity. Diversity is the secret ingredient that makes Texas such a desirable place to live. That’s the critical difference between cities like Dallas and Portland or Austin and San Francisco. In one, you’re living among people who share your views as well as people who disagree; in the other, you’re living in an echo chamber.

However, if you’re a leftist, you probably already know that Texas has some of the most regressive policies regarding transgender and abortion. It’s worth noting, though, that with the influx of young people moving to Texas over the last two decades, the political class in Texas might be due for a change.

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Texan Weather

Another major factor to consider is the Texan weather. Yes, it’s hot much of the year. But, wildfires, earthquakes, and air pollution aren’t really a problem in the Lone Star State. Compared to other desirable states like California, Texas looks a bit like a risk-free move. However, the one thing you do need to worry about is hurricanes. Those only apply to Houston and Galveston. While they are sometimes devastating, they’re never unexpected.

Wildfires are becoming more and more frequent in California, and they often start and spread without much warning. On the other hand, hurricanes grant people days and even weeks to plan. The Texas heat is certainly no joke. However, with climate change as an unavoidable factor in everyone’s lives, temperatures will rise everywhere. Texans already know how to handle the heat.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to make the move to Texas. Texas is a great place to move with a booming economy, diverse culture, and endless opportunities.

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