Why Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers are so popular

Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers

Wearing the right footwear for many is as vital as having a wardrobe of beautiful creations to wear for others. It sets out a statement. This is a style and brand that is loved. Since the mid-1980s sneakers have become a huge fashion item along with providing the right shoes to take part in sports and exercise.

It’s a period that linked with the advent of satellite and cable TV which allows viewers around the world to watch different programs from around the continents. New heroes emerged and the popularity of different sports went through the roof, with basketball being one of them. Michael Johnson is quite possibly one of the biggest names in his chosen field, with superstars such as Shane Warne choosing his number 23 shirt, such was his iconic status while on the court. 

Nike continued to make similar sneakers to the one he wore as a champion over many years with designs evolving. Many clamour to own a pair of Jordan 4 for a variety of different reasons.

  • This model of sneaker was first worn by the great man in 1989, evolving from his Air Jordan 1, with subtle changes and improvements through Jordan 2 and 3. They were a favourite at the time with those turning to sneakers as their favourite footwear and continue to be immensely popular with their trademark fabrications, along with advanced technology which went into creating the perfect evolution.
  • The two-tone colours and design continue to be in demand for this chunky model along with its panel and plastic lace eyelet wing which makes them perfect as an addition to an outfit to head out in casual wear as it does for those looking to exercise in them. It provides style and outstanding fashion that is admired and added to many collections.
  • The good news is that anyone in Australia and NZ can get their hands on a pair with the extensive range being available to purchase online which comes with free express delivery, while those in Melbourne and Sydney can pop into the store of a leading and unique stockist in all thing’s sneakers.
  • The Air Jordan 4 goes with so many different outfits, that they offer a huge range of adaptability, and most importantly of all, they are great to wear. They are snug to the foot that they are surrounded with uppers made from leather, suede, and textile to offer ultimate comfort. The designers have learned from previous designs so that this model does not crease and looks great for longer.
  • Extra traction in the gym is afforded thanks to the flat outsole, while looking cool at night is just as easy, with the side mesh panels providing breathability. Added support comes from an extended heel tab. They are ideal for walking in or taking exercise indoors as well of course as on a basketball court.

Nike Air Jordan 4 offers advanced technology, with added comfort, durability, and amazing looks that continue to be fashionable sneakers that remain in high demand.

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