5 Easy Steps to Begin Realtor Postcard Marketing

Realtor Postcard Marketing

As a realtor today, you’re at a distinct advantage, as you can market your skills and business both online and offline. Unlike other businesses, you can use postcards in ways that will make you stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you make this happen? How do you position yourself as a community leader in real estate listings, information, and sales? 

How to Begin Realtor Postcard Marketing

To begin realtor postcard marketing, you need to follow 5 basic steps. These steps involve determining your target market and where they live so you can create postcards that will eventually make you a household name.

1. Establish the Area Where You’ll Send Out Your Postcards

Before you pick out a template and design for a postcard, you need to establish a marketing area. As part of this process, you’ll want to figure out what area you want to farm, or where you want to generate leads, and how many postcards you want to mail and how frequently.

Therefore, you need to determine the following.

  • What is the turnover rate of the area you’re targeting? Usually, it’s best to find a community with a turnover rate of about 6%. 
  • Is the area heavily farmed?  If so, choose an area that is not as well covered to  establish your boundaries and increase your sales and listing opportunities.
  • How many postcards do you want to mail? Typically, you’ll start with about 200 postcards that you’ll mail once or twice a month.

2. Select a Template Design

After you figure out where to direct your postcard message, you’re ready to choose a template design. You can send out postcards to announce just-listed homes, share news about just-sold houses, or to announce an open house event

You can also use the postcards to provide a market analysis or to offer your services to people who have had problems selling their real estate.

Learn more about available postcard templates so you can begin designing one that will appeal to your recipients.

3. Choose a Color Scheme for You Postcard

When you select a color scheme for your postcard, think about your branding colors. Preferably, you should limit the color scheme to two colors.

Align your colors with your sales and brand purpose to create a professional image. Use the same colors on your website and over other media channels to maintain consistency.

4. Select the Photos

Whether you’re sharing a just-listed house or you want to announce an open-house event, your photos should be professional and crisp – high resolution and eye-capturing images.

Add a professional photo of yourself with all your contact details (office location, phone number and email address and website). Use the same photo on your website to ensure people remember both your face and name.

5. Add the Content

Make sure your message is both short and compelling – just enough words to communicate your point easily. Blend the content with the pictures so it balances out well on the postcard. Choose a postcard design, sized 6” x 9”, to ensure the layout and message are both easily read and seen.

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Make More Money and Increase Your Following as a Local Realtor

The above information gives you what you need to know to begin a postcard marketing campaign. By sending out regular mailings, you’ll make more money as a realtor and increase your following as a real estate professional in your local community.

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