Top Trailers for Upcoming Romantic Comedy Movies

Romantic Comedy

You are going to enjoy the romantic comedy movies that are being released this summer. There is nothing more relaxing then cooling off in a movie theater and allowing the ambiance to take you away while you become fully engaged in the latest and greatest rom com. Romantic comedies are great, light-hearted, movies that leave you feeling good and wash away any of the stress that may have been plaguing you all day.

However, don’t miss to watch the movie trailers of these upcoming movies.

Friday June 17th, Good luck to you, Leo Grande will be released. This hilarious romantic comedy features Emma Thompson, Sophie Hyde, Daryl McCormack and Isabella Laughland. Emma Thompson plays the part of a sex deprived, retired school teacher who is out to seek some adventure while rejuvenating her love life. Good luck to you, Leo Grande will be released exclusively on Hulu so remember to set a reminder for a watch party.

Monday June 20th, Doula will be released featuring Chris Pine, Ally Maki, Will Greenberg, Alex McKenna, Elyse Levesque, Troian Bellisario, Robert Baker, Amanda Walsh and Arron Shiver. Doula’s plot features a young couple named Silvio and Deb. After dating for a couple of months they discover they are going to have a baby together. Embracing their relationship and upcoming parenthood they create a birth plan that includes utilizing the services of a doula. The doula they hire, Penka, is a elderly and well-experienced local doula.

Unfortunately, as Silvio and Deb’s due date nears, Penka passes away. Silvio finds himself up in arms and decides to do what seems like the most rational thing at the moment, he hires Penka’s son, Sascha to fill in his mother’s shoes and become their doula. Sascha is more than capable and eager to help Silvio and Deb out. The comedic blurbs and quick wit of this movie will keep you laughing and the nature of the situation will keep you engaged. While Deb builds a working and trusting relationship with Sascha, Silvio becomes jealous and deals with his own inner insecurities. This summer rom com with a bit of parental blunders and new parent situations will leave you chuckling for days to come.

Wednesday June 29th Shotgun Wedding will be released. This will be Jennifer Lopez’s second romantic comedy of 2022. Her first was Marry me. In Marry me (released in February of 2022) she starred alongside Owen Wilson. J-Lo was a famous singer who picked a random man (Wilson) out of the crowd and married him live, in front of her fans at a concert. Comedic hijinks ensued as they navigated being newlyweds and discovering their love for one another. The plots on these two romantic comedies are far from one another. In Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez’s character is going away for a destination wedding. The entire bridal party ends up being kidnapped and this romantic comedy takes many unexpected twists and turns. You may want to make a day out of it and enjoy both of Jennifer Lopez’s recent movies back to back for a day of lighthearted laughter.

Friday July 8th, Thor: Love and Thunder will be released. If you have ever sat down for any marvel movies, then you know there is action, love and comedy all in one exciting package. While most Marvel movies would not be considered romantic comedies, it is easy to admit that Thor and Jane Foster have quite a hilarious chemistry between one another. In this exciting summer release, Jane picks up Thor’s hammer and decides to become Thor herself. Thor and Jane may have broken up but will their relationship status change when she develops a relationship with Mjolnir? Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are a delight to watch on the big screen and this will be a must see on the summer watch list.

You may have a busy summer planned that is action packed with activities, work and family outings but there is always time to cool off indoors with a great movie. Nothing beats the comedic relief that a great romantic comedy can offer. Grab your popcorn, soda and other snacks of choice, recline in your favorite seat at the theater or in your home and sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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