6 Tips for Choosing Company Brand Colors


Color contributes toward 62%-90% of first impressions. Neutral colors tend to have less positive feedback. Therefore, when choosing company brand colors, it’s advisable to stay away from neutral hues.

Colors affect the human brain. They affect how we make decisions. If you want to build a brand that will remain influential over the years then you need to focus on color.

Choosing the right company brand colors will take some time. It’s important not to do it all in one seating. Bounce off the idea with the right people first.

So many color options to choose from can leave you feeling at a loss. The following six tips will help you choose the right one.

  1. Define Brand Identity

In the initial stages of company branding, understand what your company is all about. Smart business owners think over what they want to say before relaying the message to consumers. Start with thinking about your brand identity and what you want to represent.

  1. Create a Mood Board

A mood board is a collage of images that represent your brand. When unsure of what company brand colors to work with, you can create as many boards as you want.

Browse images that convey what you want to say to your consumer. You can use a free online logo maker download to get prints of any color scheme.

Your mood boards will help you see what color pops up more. Besides, you can approach business advisers with different mood boards and see what they respond to more.

  1. Psychology of Colors

Understanding the psychology of colors is important when it comes to company branding. From a young age, most humans learn to associate certain colors with certain things.

For instance, most people thinking about nature or money when they see green. It’s unwise to pick colors that people associate with negative energy.

  1. Use Contrast

If you want to build a unique brand, go for contrast. Colors that contrast each other, intrigue the mind. For instance, black and a neon color could work for a tech company.

Contrast company brand colors draw attention and are more memorable to the consumer.

  1. Understand Color Science

Smart business owners take time to understand the science behind colors. There are three basic color groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Have at least one primary color and one secondary color in your logo.

When used together some colors produce cool tones while others have warm tones. They send different messages to the brain and affect the decisions of the consumer. Quality branding services will know how to combine colors to the message that you want.

  1. Simple Company Branding

Most business owners make the mistake of going overboard with the colors. The right company branding services will go for a simple color scheme.

You can say more with less. Study the company branding of popular brands.

Most of them have two main colors. Having too much on your logo can be off-putting to consumers.

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Choosing Company Brand Colors

Build a brand that will withstand the test of time. Make sure to choose colors that agree with cultural associations.

Follow the above guide, to pick the right brand colors. And check out the rest of this website for more guides like this.

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