7 Essential Tips for Buying a Used Car in Dubai


Many people in the Middle East prefer to buy second hand cars in Dubai rather than opting for a new one as they are expensive. However the decision for purchasing a used car can be tricky if you’re not aware of the steps which need to be taken in the process. This is why all the important tips are laid out for you in this article.


1)Narrow down brands

Just like any other person, you must have your own preferences and needs when it comes to vehicles. Choosing the top brands and models mostly depends on what you want a car for. For instance, you can select an on-road or off-road vehicle depending on your lifestyle.

Similarly, if you want a car for your family, you will need a family SUV. Also keep in mind the margin of maintenance cost which you can afford. Resale value and service is important too. Shortlist 2 to 3 brands and their best models.

2)Visit an automotive expert or surf internet

You cannot purchase a vehicle without a responsible selling platform. Mostly people buy cars from an automotive website which boasts a good reputation or an expert car dealer. You can meet the sellers of the car advertisements which are posted online for negotiation.

Automotive websites also compare brands and prices for your convenience. The best car dealers in UAE are Elite Cars and Al Futtaim. They offer special service packages too.

3)Check the exterior

This is a must. Vehicles should be inspected for having any damage, dents or scratches. If there is a dent, you should negotiate to lower the price as the repair cost will be a burden.

The tires and brakes should be checked too. See if the wheels belong to the same brands and if they have proper pressure. You should take your time with this step because it is crucial.

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4)RTA tests and checks

After choosing one or a few cars, it’s time to determine the actual condition and practicality of the vehicle. This is important because very few people are experienced with information and fact checking of the vehicles.


The only solid guarantee of the car can be provided by the tests and checks in the special centers which are certified by RTA. If the car passes these checks and tests, you can say for sure that it’s a solid vehicle.

5)Dig deeper

In order to check any hidden faults, get a certified mechanic. It is important to check the inner machinery and system under the hood of the car. Signs of rust, leakage of fluids and smoke of various colors can mean red flags.

Therefore, don’t purchase the vehicle if it shows any of these signs or other dangerous ones. The mechanic will be able to tell you what each sign means and how harmful it is.

6)See the interior

Interior is as crucial as the exterior so check the seats, lights, radio, switches and other such features or functions to ensure that it is in a good condition. Check the mileage on the clock and cross-check with the figure on the documents. As no one can survive in the car in UAE without the AC, check to see if it’s working properly.


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7)Go for a test drive

It is crucial to take the car on the road for a spin after the thorough examination. Without the test drive, it is impossible to judge if the vehicle is worth it. In case the car makes a weird noise or if the brakes and gears are not working smoothly, you will know that it is not a good choice to purchase it.


If you are not comfortable with the driving experience itself, you can go for another car. The knowledge which is gained after the test drive can not be compared to any other step.


The UAE market is packed with second hand cars of all ages, brands, conditions and price tags. You can choose the one based on your preferences and go through the above-mentioned steps afterwards. You can sell any car in Dubai as well by visiting CarSwitch which is the biggest automotive website working in UAE.

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