AWS Managed Services (AMS) are a suite of services and tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) installations that automates infrastructure management activities. They make it easier to manage and protect an AWS infrastructure. AMS can supplement and maximize operational skills in both new and current AWS settings. They do so by utilizing AWS services and an expanding library of automation tools, configurations, and run books. AWS consulting services aim at companies looking for a simple solution to shift on-premises workflows to the public cloud and then help administer them thereafter. Whether clients are just starting up, relocating a data center, or constructing optimized cloud solutions, continuous quality management is a key component of cloud success.

Patching, provisioning,  incident monitoring, change management, user access management, and backup and restores. These are just a few of the cloud administration operations that may be automated using AWS Managed Services. AWS Managed Services includes a professional Cloud Service Delivery Administrator and AWS Support at the Enterprise level.

As a short-term accelerator or long-term solution, IT service management can supplement exceptional cloud operational skills and expertise, allowing a business to focus on modernizing their apps and company in the cloud. AMS gives operational flexibility, improves security and compliance, and helps in maximizing capacity and implementing cost-cutting measures.



  • AWS Systems Manager Explorer is a configurable dashboard that provides vital insights and analysis into your AWS environments’ operational health and performance. Explorer compiles operational data from several AWS accounts and zones to help you prioritize and discover areas where the action is needed.
  • You can securely manage basic and recurring IT operations and management processes with AWS Systems Manager Automation. To allow AWS resource management across different accounts and AWS Regions, you may utilize predefined runbooks or create, run, and exchange wiki-style automated playbooks using Systems Manager Automation. 
  • Change Manager for AWS Systems Manager streamlines the process of requesting, approving, implementing, and reporting on modifications to your settings app and infrastructures in the AWS Cloud and on-premises.
  • AWS Service Catalog helps in managing AWS services and provided software items from a single location.
  • AWS Config is a detective control service that assesses, monitors, and evaluates the settings of supported AWS services.
  • You may set up an issue management method across your AWS accounts using AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter and Incident Manager.
  • AWS Security Hub is a feature that lets you see all of your security updates and security architecture across all of your AWS accounts in one place. Security Hub consolidates, organizes, and prioritizes all of your security warnings in one location.


1. Optimization of Costs

AWS Managed Services (AMS) allows you to optimize your AWS estate’s financial and capacity, and any savings you find decrease your AMS charge without compromising organizational goals or security. Customers have seen operational savings of up to 30% and AWS infrastructure savings of up to 25%, all while enhancing operational SLAs, privacy, and compliant posture.

2. Flexibility in operations

Whether you’re shifting to the cloud or need some additional help with monitoring, issues, or patch management, AWS Managed Services (AMS) gives you the freedom to choose the optimum amount of operations support. AMS cloud professionals collaborate with your current operational team to provide reliable operational support. They are intimately connected with AWS service teams.

3. Compliance and security have been improved.

AWS Managed Services (AMS) creates and maintains a growing collection of regulatory, technical, and security guardrails to keep you on track. Through automated monitoring and remediation automation, AMS makes achieving compliance program requirements easier.

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