Benefits of a Career in Blockchain Developer


Over the years, digital security has become a significant concern among Internet users. As online transactions and data sharing increase, securing the network and setting up a safe virtual environment becomes vital. Thankfully, we have the Blockchain technology to ensure high security in a deceitful digital network.

As time passes, Blockchain is gaining an impetus in almost all industries. Companies rapidly adopt Blockchain technology and hire professionals to climb the rocky mountains.

Yes, you read it correctly! Blockchain developers are in demand these days. Also, Blockchain-driven applications are getting mainstream. So, companies will not stop praising Blockchain development skills in the upcoming years. Indeed, Blockchain development is a considerable career alternative if you wish to earn several professional perks.

Now, you might be thinking, “what are the advantages of learning Blockchain and starting a career?”. We’ll clear all your doubts right below!

After reading this article, you will become aware of all the reasons to enroll in a Blockchain certification course and become a relevant developer.

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Understanding a Blockchain Developer

To put it simply, a Blockchain developer creates apps for the Blockchain protocol architecture. Their day-to-day work entails creating and optimizing algorithms that adhere to the Blockchain Protocol and run on it. This protocol is built over the regular Internet Protocol (IP) and serves as the internet for Blockchain-based devices.

A Blockchain developer, among other things, creates Smart Contracts, which are Blockchain-based applications that execute on specific nodes.

As can be seen, these roles can have different duties that a Blockchain developer must complete and are thus divided into two categories.

  • Core Blockchain Developer: A core Blockchain developer interacts with the Blockchain at its most fundamental level. They are solely responsible for the Blockchain architecture’s design and development, including deciding on the system protocol, consensus method, and other details.
  • Blockchain Software Developer: Blockchain software developers deal with the Blockchain at a relatively high level. Their job is to incorporate the algorithms produced by core Blockchain developers into their applications, resulting in decentralized Blockchain applications.

After knowing the meaning of a Blockchain developer, it’s time to understand the benefits you will achieve by becoming such a professional. 

Benefits of becoming a Blockchain Developer

A Blockchain developer can get several benefits in their professional journey. Since it is an emerging domain, more career advantages will appear in the long haul.

Till then, let’s review the benefits you can fetch by starting your career as a Blockchain developer.

  • Better compensation

Do you know? A Blockchain developer earns 50-100% more than other Indian developers. Yes, you’ve read it correctly!

As a Blockchain developer, you can earn an average salary of $109,766 every year. Besides, you can build your expertise and gain more industry experience to make even more in your industry.

  • Job opportunities are growing.

Blockchain itself is a highly-demanded niche. Glassdoor reports a whopping increase of 300% in various Blockchain jobs, primarily the developer role. At present, LinkedIn has over 5,000 Blockchain developer jobs in the United States, with Deloitte and Dice being the most active recruiters.

  • Lead the race

Since you have an in-depth understanding of Blockchain technology, all new projects and tech products will be under you. You can design the blueprints and manage them all by yourself. Furthermore, you will have fresh hires under you for training purposes. All these responsibilities will give you more respect and help you earn more in a short span.

  • Exceptional career progression

Blockchain development can give you an exceptional career trajectory. After becoming a core Blockchain developer, you can explore many other opportunities like Smart Contract developer and dApp developer. Finally, you can get into the directorial panel and become your company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

  • Top companies will hire you.

Blockchain is a technology accepted by multiple top tech companies. So, you can get a high-paying job with top-notch ventures like Google, Deloitte, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

Furthermore, more brands and businesses are readily migrating to the Blockchain world. Consequently, they will open more excellent Blockchain developer profiles in the upcoming years. Thus, you will never go out of demand in the industry by having a firm knowledge of Blockchain development.

  • More demand in the future

Although Blockchain is a massive global trend, we do not know everything about the technology. However, experts predict revealing more Blockchain aspects in the future.

As Blockchain applications increase, relevant developers will see more industry demand and a massive salary hike. Overall, Blockchain development has the brightest future with ever-increasing opportunities.

Ways to get started as a Blockchain Developer

Are you excited after reading the above benefits? Do you want to get the designation of a Blockchain developer? Have a look! Here’s how you can turn your dreams into a reality.

1. Meet the eligibility criteria

First things first! Check if you have the below qualities before preparing for a Blockchain career.

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Computer science knowledge
  • Computer networking
  • Databases
  • Programming experience
  • Problem-solving skills

2. Build your skillset

A Blockchain developer is a skill-powerhouse. So, work on gaining the below skills to become an in-demand Blockchain developer. 

  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptography
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Web development
  • Java
  • C++
  • Python

3. Choose a Blockchain certification course.

A Blockchain certification course will help you build the relevant skills and get a certificate that outshines your resume. So, choose a pertinent session on time.

4. Gain hands-on projects

The best way to prove your capabilities and skills is by working on some real-life Blockchain development projects. So, build a few projects before stepping into the industry. 

Get a job!

You have all the skills and several Blockchain projects by now. Now, it’s time to apply for a lucrative Blockchain developer job and crack it by brushing your knowledge before the interview.

To sum up:

Blockchain development is a worth-trying career option. So, are you ready to align with the above steps? You are all set to grab the career benefits that the industry offers if it’s a yes! Hurry, and build a bright future in the Blockchain arena.

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