Top 10 Afrobeats Venues in London to Celebrate


Afrobeats Venues in London is an online platform that connects afrobeats afrobeat lovers. All of our afrobeats parties are a blast but don’t expect to find a ton of party suggestions when you’re looking to hire a venue.

Afrobeats Venues in london is a music event company. We have an aim of bringing the best music events to London and beyond. The events are all completely crowdfunded by their own brand and promoters. This means you really do get to see the artists in action, as well as enjoy a great night out with a great atmosphere.

Afrobeats is not about playing the latest music, it’s about creating and sharing music. The genre is a hot one worldwide, and with events to celebrate some of the top artists from around the world the scene is constantly evolving. Bringing in a new artist to the scene can open up doors to be discovered and bring a big hit to your festival or event.

If you are a fan of dance music and you’re based in London, then you’re going to have a great time at the Afrobeats Festival. The Afrobeats Festival is an annual event hosted in Hyde Park, London which attracts thousands of people every year. The Afrobeats Festival is an incredible experience with music acts ranging from the grime to the house and techno scenes. The act that truly stands out at the Afrobeats is no doubt Afrojack and that’s because he’s one of the biggest names in electronic music.

This is an award-winning music and event management company. We take great pride in our role as the leading event company working in the African music scene. We employ a highly skilled team of event professionals across the African continent and beyond so you can be sure that your event will be unforgettable. We work closely with promoters and event organizers to ensure a successful trip around the continent.

Shaka Zulu

We know that Shaka Zulu is the ultimate destination for African music and entertainment. So, it was only a matter of time before Shaka Zulu opened up a venue in London to keep fans and visitors happy at the same time. That’s what happened when the doors of their new venue opened at the capital’s Docklands.

The Tunnel London

Being the destination of choice in London, the Tunnel Venues is not your average club. This club has an awesome atmosphere, high-grade music, and a reputation for being one of the best clubs in London. It is also a fantastic place to have a drink, have a few rounds, or even celebrate.

Pier One

I’m passionate about pier one venues in London, I guess you could say so to those who are in love with their home. I believe that the best things happen when you own a piece of land and a piece of property. Pier one venues in London is an example of that. A lot of people love to own a piece of land with a title. You might be thinking this is just an example, but there are many other examples like what I just mentioned.


Simply put, the wedding venue in London is the most important place on your wedding day. It is the place where you will get married in front of family and friends, and where you will fulfill your dreams. If you want to create an unforgettable wedding day and create a memorable wedding anniversary, then it is important to do your research on the right wedding venue in London first.

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