Braces for Jaw Pain Resulting From A Misaligned Bite


Braces are orthodontic devices used to correct teeth and jaw misalignment or bite issues like underbite, overbite, crossbite or overcrowding. Orthodontic problems are not only limited to adults, and in most cases, the misalignment begins to show in children from the age of 6 – 12.

Clear braces for kids are available to correct misalignment in children. Children from 8 – 14 can use them, and they offer excellent results because correcting bite and tooth issues are more manageable in children since their jaw is more malleable than those of adults. However, you can correct your bite or alignment issues at any age because adults still use braces and get excellent results.


You can wear traditional metal braces or the clear variants to realign your crooked or misaligned teeth. The braces apply subtle pressure on the teeth, which moves the teeth to the perfect positions. The orthodontist would place the metal brackets on your molars then pass archwires through the brackets.

After every few weeks, you would have an appointment with the orthodontist to tighten the wires connected to the braces, and this gradually straightens your crooked teeth and shifts them into the right places. It also helps realign your jaw.

Jaw Pain And A Misaligned Bite

You can use braces or get kids teeth braces for your child if the jaws are not aligned correctly. A misaligned jaw may be a result of any of the following.

 Excessive thumb sucking
 Trauma or injury
 Loss of a tooth at a late or early stage

During the treatment, you would have periodic teeth tightening sessions which sometimes causes pain due to the tension created on the jaw that places pressure on some parts of the face and mouth. Most times, the pain subsides within a few days as the teeth begin to adjust to the braces. The discomfort elicits an inflammatory reaction from the body, which produces healing proteins.

During your braces treatment, you may want to stay away from hard foods that can damage the braces. These foods include nuts, candy and ice cubes. You also need to avoid foods that you’d have to bite into like corn on the cob, and damaging your brace sets back your treatment which means that you would be wearing your braces for a longer time.

If you experience temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), as a result of grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism), braces can help relieve the pain. As the braces align your teeth, the temporomandibular joint will move into alignment, which reduces the intense jaw pain. When you have an aligned jaw, it prevents grinding and clenching of the teeth while sleeping.

Improved Oral Health

Braces help straighten the teeth to give you a beautiful smile, and this is the reason why most people opt for braces. However, braces not only make your appearance better, but it also makes your smile healthier.

When your teeth are correctly aligned, it makes brushing and flossing easier because there will be no corners that your toothbrush cannot reach. Brushing and flossing your teeth correctly helps prevent gum disease, tooth loss and tooth decay. The misaligned bite causes enamel erosion due to wearing down of the teeth, but you can avoid this by using braces.

After your treatment with braces, you would be able to chew and speak normally because you won’t experience jaw pain.

For more information on adult or kids dental braces to reduce jaw pain caused by a misaligned bite, call our dental experts at Chatfield Dental Braces now or visit our clinic today to speak to an experienced orthodontist.

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