Elevate Your Style: 5 Omega Watches to Own in 2021

5 Omega Watches to Own in 2021

A journey for every business and company to fulfill is to establish its brand. So, writing a history alongside is what makes the world live for timepieces that Omega crafts. They are popular for creating watches that are highly functional with show-stealing visuals. Their precious pieces have become famous for their adaptability. It is everywhere! It is up to the moon, on race tracks and the Olympics, into the deep ocean, or a James Bond movie. These timepieces have an evolving function and aesthetic that will never go out of style! Mind-blowing, right? That is why many people have been on the lookout for their original, limited edition, and new releases. 

Their products continue to be versatile over time. So it is an excellent option for you to decide on upgrading your fashion expression. If you are worried about these timepieces being pricey, you should know that you can find pre-owned watches at a much more affordable rate. Here are the watches you should look for if you want to reach your next-level everyday or special event wardrobe.

1. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Being the first watch worn on a moon landing mission, the Speedmaster Moonwatch is a head-turner for sure. It is also designed with precision and equipped with the best chronograph models. It will never make you regret choosing and owning this Omega watch. It goes well with your smart-casual outfits and even with formal-themed events, such as meetings, a date night, or a professional affair. 

With almost no difference from the original model, it is available at an approximate market value of USD 6,350. It functions with manual movement and a stopwatch feature made of stainless steel. This kind of timepiece will become a big help for you to start a good collection of watches. It will surely make you live up to your exquisite taste.

2. Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

If you are looking for a lower price range than the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m is one thing to take a look at. It suits a rich and classic look for special occasions or a movie scene. The James Bond watch’s reputation made it one of the most popular timepieces that many people want to own. Of course, if you want to start a professional diving career, you should add it to your starter pack list. The way it functions made it one of the highly recommended things for beginners by men and women diving professionals.

As the name of this watch suggests, it can go up to 300 meters (or 985ft) in the ocean. It is such a good timepiece and gadget for a reasonable price of USD 5,200 approximately. You get to enjoy and be proud of its underwater resistance and diving bezel feature that you should try. Omega is proud of its durability that is why you will never become disappointed and worried about keeping it.

3. Omega Railmaster

Moving on, if you are looking for a more stylish and anti-magnetic watch, Omega Railmaster is your best option. Great to wear with your everyday or scheduled work attire. Its co-axial chronometer feature made with stainless steel makes this timepiece have a good precision-made by Omega. It retails from USD 4,900, which is such a good price to start collecting this watch. The Railmaster became more successful after its third time release in 2017. Talk about a total upgrade in both function and style! It should be on the list of your must-haves.

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4. Omega Constellation Ref.

As we grow, our style evolves. It is why you should widen your options. If you want a range among your collection of watches, Omega Constellation is for you. Omega wants you to have a good selection of timepieces for classy events or even a sports event you have joined.

Omega Constellation Ref. is one jaw-dropping piece for its features. It has materials such as two-tone stainless steel and Sedna gold case and bracelet with a blue dial with a galaxy-like design. This model has a domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective treatment. It’s at a heftier price of $14,100. It leaves you whether you want to start it big and have higher returns as well. Omega also added functions such as date display and 50m water resistance with all decency.

5. Omega Constellation Globemaster Ref.

Finally, on the said constellation above the Omega Constellation Globemaster Ref. becomes a deal-breaker for this collection. For its size of 39mm, it has two-tone stainless steel with an 18K rose gold case. You will experience a watch with a blue dial, a Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a date display. But for such features, it does not lack functionality. Who would believe that this masterpiece has 100m water resistance? It also has a 60-hour power reserve with a magnetic field resistance of up to 15,000 gausses. For all its worth, it has an Omega caliber 8900 movements with Co-Axial escapement. It will maintain an expensive impression of you and will take you to a higher notch of fashion standard.


Omega builds such integrity in gracing timepieces with great features that amount to its rich legacy. It is a brand worth of good collections for all times. You may become overwhelmed with luxury brands, but treat your style like the most beautiful art. Choose the best tools and allow yourself to build a masterpiece. Of course, the best pieces will come from the best source, like Omega. It is such a great way to add an upgrade to your everyday or exclusive event outfits with a touch of the great watches made for a long time. 

Never stop yourself from living it up and allowing self-love through elevating your style. Become the new you and let your fashion speak for what you believe and how you live. See the great deals and offers. Let me tell you that the best time is right now! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take steps to make them finally yours.

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