TOP 3 Online PDF Split Tools of All Time

Online PDF Split Tools

Splitting PDF pages is beyond human capacity which means that you have to rely on online tools to do it for you. It is an inevitable process especially during this remote working arrangement and online learning setup. You usually encounter the need to split PDF when you only need two or more pages in the file so to lessen the storage space that it consumes, you may remove the rest of the pages. 

You might think that the process is too time-consuming and complicated but it’s actually very easy to perform if you have the right tools. There are a lot of online platforms that can help you do it for free. In this article, you would be aware of the best Split PDF tools that you can use anytime and anywhere you are!

1. GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a cloud-based platform that offers a PDF split tool for free. But if you wish to experience the most out of this website, you can avail one of its subscription plans at an affordable price. It is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers which means that you can use it through your laptop, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. One of its best features is the fast processing which splits PDF documents within a few minutes. You no longer have to wait for a few hours just to remove unnecessary pages of a file. Aside from that, it strictly implements a customer privacy policy to uphold the safety and security of all your uploaded documents. Lastly, it has high accuracy which allows it to split pages of a PDF without altering its layout and format. The new file will have the same text, images, font, graphs, bullets, and tables as the original. 

How to split PDF pages using GogoPDF?

Grab your phone, use its browser, and search for Once you reach the website, locate where the split PDF tool is and click it. For the tool to start the extraction process, you have to upload the file you wish to split by clicking the select files button or choosing the drag and drop option. After a few minutes, your PDF files will be available for download. You have the option to save them on your device, social media accounts, or cloud-based storage.

2. iLovePDF

The iLovePDF is one of the most popular split PDF tools nowadays because of its fast and streamlined process. You can figure out on your own how to extract the document which is a great thing for people who live alone or don’t know anyone familiar with online tools. Just like GogoPDF, it is compatible with all kinds of browsers making it highly accessible. It is a must-have tool when you have to separate pages of a file immediately because it offers a fast splitting process. In this way, you can surely submit it on or before the deadline. Despite its great features, there are noticeable downsides to using the website. For instance, you will have a hard time selecting the pages due to their small previews. 

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How to split PDF pages using iLovePDF?

The first thing you have to do is to visit the website and upload the file you wish to separate into several PDFs. Allow it to access the document by uploading it from your device or cloud-based storage accounts like Dropbox or Google drive. Once you successfully uploaded it, you have to choose whether you want to split it by page ranges or extract all the pages from the PDF. The former will allow you to select the pages you want to remain intact and the pages you wish to remove while the latter would extract every page into its own PDF meaning if there are 100 pages, you will receive a zip file containing 100 PDFs. 

3. Sejda

Unlike the iLovePDF, this Sejda website has a large page preview before proceeding with the extraction process. It also offers several options on how you want to split your document. Before you can download the extracted file, you may rename it however you want so that you can easily locate it on your device or online-based storage. However, there are several limitations when using it. The file you wish to split must not exceed 200 pages with a size not larger than 50 MB. It is not capable of processing documents with more pages and larger sizes than what it prescribes. Moreover, you can only use the split PDF tool three times each hour. It is not an ideal tool to use if you are someone who needs to split more than three documents daily.

How to split PDF pages using Sejda?

Transfer the file from your device, dropbox, one drive, or Google Drive account to the website. After that, you will have to choose from four splitting options namely extract every page to a separate PDF, select pages you want to split, split every X page, and split every even page. All of the options are self-explanatory except for splitting every X page. You might not know what it means but it only tells you that you can split the PDF using a specific number. For instance, you might want to spit a 24-page PDF so what you would input using this option is to extract it every 4 pages to create 6 PDFs. To ensure that your files are free from hackers, malware, and unauthorized persons, the website automatically deletes all of them after two hours.

In Conclusion

The 3 split PDF tools listed above are what students and employees usually use to accomplish their tasks. Aside from reducing the size that will let you send it over email, splitting PDF pages also helps become more organized and efficient. The best thing about these tools is that they are accessible for free. You don’t have to spend a portion of your allowance or salary just to separate important pages from blank and irrelevant ones. Access these online tools now to experience all that they can offer.

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