How Does Temporary Car Insurance Work?

Temporary Car Insurance

You have numerous options if you need insurance for a vehicle that you’ll only be driving for a short time. Most people consider temporary car insurance, for instance, when they are renting or borrowing a vehicle. While temporary insurance coverage might seem like a solution, however, it can be difficult to find. If you are looking for short-term coverage, there are options available to meet your needs. Let’s take a closer look at temporary auto insurance.

Temporary Auto Insurance


Temporary or short-term auto insurance is coverage for a period of fewer than six months. In many cases, this type of insurance coverage is ideal for those who may need to borrow or rent a vehicle. Usually, those who are seeking this coverage are on vacation, have out-of-town visitors, or have a college student home for break. While temporary auto insurance might seem like a good option, it can be very expensive and hard to find.

Most major insurance companies only offer policies for six-month or 12-month terms. While most companies don’t offer temporary auto insurance policies, you might be able to find coverage with local agencies. If you think that you require temporary insurance, a standard six-month policy might be a better option. Temporary plans can range from $10-$25 a day, while the average insurance policy costs about $134 per month.


Whether you are looking for temporary coverage or a standard policy, the most important consideration is that you have enough insurance to meet the minimum legal requirements. Most states require minimum liability coverage for drivers to operate on the roadway legally. When looking for policies, you’ll need to ensure that your selected option offers coverage amounts that are legally required in your state.

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Most temporary policies offer coverage similar to that of standard policies. When shopping for plans, be sure to take note of the limits and exclusions of each policy so that you can ensure you get the protection you need. Most temporary insurance plans allow you to add liability coverage, bodily injury, and other coverages usually included in traditional policies.

Comparison Shopping

Temporary Car Insurance

While you might find it difficult to get temporary insurance, there are other options to consider if you need quality coverage and affordable rates. One of the best options for finding auto insurance of any type is to comparison shop for rates, plans, and coverages. Online comparison tools allow consumers to enter basic information and receive multiple customized quotes from various insurers. Once you see your options, you can compare policies, insurance companies, and rates. Whether you are seeking a temporary policy or long-term coverage, you can find the right solution and insurance product for your needs.

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Temporary insurance coverage is available in some areas from select insurers. For most people, however, short-term coverage might be difficult to find. If you need coverage, however, discount auto insurance is readily available. Car insurance companies determine rates based on various factors such as your age, driving record, location, and vehicle type. If you are deemed to be a lower-risk driver, you could qualify for very affordable rates. Additionally, most companies offer discounts that could help you reduce your rates even further. With some time and research, you can find the right policy for your insurance needs.

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