How to increase height after 25?


For those of us looking at the world from another angle, or well, there’s no other way to put it, short people, one of the things they are most conscious about is the way they look. More specifically, they are very much touchy on the topic of height, their height and while they might not like to admit it, but they end trying a bunch of different ways to increase their height. However, there is a cut-off age to start trying and stop trying; since growth begins to slow down after 25, its till this age that short people can try all that is suggested in the answer for the question: how to increase height after 25?

While this is certainly not implying that short people are at any sort of disadvantage than the 5’10” or above gang, many short people themselves have stated, time and again, that if it were upto them, they would do something about their height. The good thing is that a majority of people are content with their heights and do not make it a personality trait like many tall people do nowadays. For the people who want to do something about their heights, more specifically to increase it, here are a bunch of tips on how to increase height after 25.

Why is it so difficult to increase height after 25?

No, genetics is not responsible for slowing down the growth process after 25. Its basic biology. See, until the age of 25, your body grows at a normal rate, the rate which is determined by genetics (but not always the father, mind you.) After the age of 25, the body begins to deprioritise growth, which means that what height you have at 25 is what you’ll have by 60 or 70 or till the end. These early 25 years are the formative years and good exercise, good diet and good habits can actually make a difference of an inch or two even if the genetics state otherwise.

Are genetics responsible for the cutoff age of 25?

No, genetics play a part in the growth itself, not in the slowing down of it. These processes are controlled by the pituitary glands and other glands and organs responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. As for genetics, there are always dormant and expressive genes in a sequence. You could end up inheriting a dormant gene from your great-grandfather who stood at 6’3” even if your father is not so much tall. So, its all down to what you eat, how you treat and train your body.

So, how to increase height after 25?

While not much guarantee can be given to these methods, they are a sure-fire way to boost organs and glands responsible for growth. Aside from that, some exercise tips and tricks that can help you gain an extra inch or two. Here are some of them,

Running: Among the most common advice given to people regarding an increase in height is to run and jog frequently. This accelerates the growth process internally and also encourages cells to grow, not to mention boosting bone cell repair and growth too, which is the most important and pivotal part to increasing your height.
Exercise, stretching: The second most rewarding exercises for the height gainers would be stretching exercises, specifically the ones designed to stretch the lower extremities and the limbs. A good part of the height constitutes of the legs, whereas the torso does not contribute much to the overall height. As such, stretching exercises for the legs are the suggested exercises to go for if a person is looking to increase their height after 25.
Good diet: Equally important and with good results to show for, if you don’t have good diet, even good genetics won’t be able to help you. If your diet isn’t good, increasing height after 25 should the least of your worries. Because muscle, cell and height growth all require proteins and a lot of carbohydrates, you need to have a healthy, nutrient-rich diet to help your body increase the height after 25.

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