Keeping an eye on children’s use of smartphones


The children of this age have grown up surrounded by technology since the day they were born. Before they were old enough to read, they were surrounded with a tablet or a smartphone that was very easily available to them. With all this these children come with an intuitive understanding and ability to deal with technology better than the older generations can imagine. The abundance and the availability of technology however comes with the price. As it is always said that excess of everything is bad and easy access is a double-edged sword It must be taken into consideration that how the children use available gadgets. The convenience that comes with these devices is often a headache when it comes to accidental purchases. Accidental purchases are very easy these days and children often do such things when they are unsupervised. It is almost all cell phones that have apps and then so we must keep our mobile phones away from children who are not mature enough to deal with such things or cause trouble when left unsupervised.

Easy access:

With modern technology and latest mobile applications whether it is an iOS or an Android device online shopping has become easier. these apps are specially designed to appeal and when children come across them, they try all sorts of things they can a single click is enough in such a case to instantly download a game or purchase an app that was not meant to be done by you this is the reason why children should never leave unsupervised when it comes to giving smartphone repair even if it is for making them listen a poem.

Freemium games:

These types of games are specifically designed to not require authentication by default before they are downloaded. With a little negligence a game can be downloaded, installed and ready to run. the developers of these games design them specially as freemium models. This means that the games are free to download and start but when a player starts playing them the upgrades need to be paid for. Once children start playing them, they become addicted to such games and do not care about whatever goes into winning. These are the reasons why it is said that one should never leave children alone with such things.

Apps to Help:

The manufacturer of these mobile phones does not always develop all apps that are lousy and cost you a fortune. There are several good apps that can help your kids with various things. There are fitness apps, productivity apps and educational apps as well that can be used to enhance your productivity. Children can take a lot of benefit from these apps and not waste their time in unnecessary activities. It is your duty as parents to make them get the most out of your phone or tablet by keeping a good eye on them.

Secure Your Device:

The best step you can take to secure your kids and not fall into the traps of enormous app bills is to secure your device. It is very important to lock your mobile phone so that the children cannot reach it and even if you open it for them you can watch them or supervise them as they use it. This way the little ones will not include or make you suffer because of their cute adventures.

Kids Mode:

Kids mode is really helpful and very safe. With the uprise of such problems, the manufacturers have especially designed mobile phones with kids mode where they can be safe and everything over a specific age limit is not given access to. This mode has proved out to be really helpful and parents do not get worried about their children’s safety, even if they are away.


By taking all these steps you can keep an eye on all the purchases or anything your children do with their devices. In this technological world it has become a necessity to take care of all these things otherwise your kids will get into traps you will not even know of.

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