Some most common rumors about 5G


5G has been the most important advent of this century. There have been a number of technological devices and advanced internet facilities but 5G is considered to be a great invention. Most of the people who use technological devices and are familiar with the general gadgets must be immune to the absurdity of conspiracy theories that are linked with 5G. These theories vary from linking 5G to the arrival of COVID-19, and many more baseless things. In this article we will have a look at the conspiracy theories that are ruining it for the users along with the attempted nonsense to provide false information to hinder its use. There might be several other theories but here are some of the most famous ones that can point out the main issue about whatever has been said about 5G. Explained below are some of the major things that are associated with it.

5G is a hazard to your health:

This claim has been around the industry for many years even prior to the 5G technology was introduced. The vast majority of the world now dismisses these rumors but with the emergence of 5G it seems that there is a rebirth of those claims. There are several fanatics who still fan the flames and you can find these posts on almost every social site. There have also been rumors about 5G causing cancer. In order to prove these rumors, people started spreading false rumors and pictures as proof. However, the users did their research and people who wanted to use it, used it without any claims.The idea of the airwaves used in mobile communications comes from the ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. Telecoms equipment does emit radiations, but they are not hazardous as they are thought to be.

5G is the cause of COVID-19:

People in the beginning claimed that 5G became the cause of COVID-19 but this was not proved and all the rumors that were associated with it turned out to be false. The reality of COVID-19 was all out and it was proved that it didn’t come from the 5G rays. Some of the people however still believe that it is the cause of COVID-19.

5G acts as an accelerator for the coronavirus:

Since the rise of coronavirus, there has been a claim about 5G acting as an accelerator for the coronavirus. There have also been claims about 5G emitting dangerous radiations that can suppress the immune system. The weak immune system is directly linked with the spread of COVID-19. Rumors are that those radiations influence the human body on a molecular level which inhibits the immune system. However, all these claims are baseless. There is no scientific proof for this and if there happens to be a 5G antenna around, it is merely coincidental.

5G can kill birds and plant life:

This is a slightly unusual claim and not many people believe this but there are always some crazy people who do. The rumors started when a flock of birds was found somewhere around the 5G trials in the area. People who believed these rumors thought that 5G was the reason for the death of these birds. The emitting radiations that were believed to be emitting from these areas caused the death of these flocks they thought but it was not the case.

5G devices emit hazardous rays:

This is yet another rumour that the devices that come with 5G, emit rays that are deadly. It can cause people to die in their sleep if they keep it near their head or ear. It is dangerous keeping the phone near you at night but one can not simply die because of them. With all of these things there have been many other baseless assumptions. Neither of these rumors are true and it has been proved scientifically by various researchers.

All of these rumors are what have been around about 5G in the marketplace but one should not pay heed to them. The users must do their research and then find out what is true and what is not.

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