Motorola Razr: The classic flip is being reinvented into a foldable phone


Almost every famous person in the early 2000s owned a Motorola Razr. It was considered a symbol of style and class. The phone had sleek edges and came with a metallic keyboard. The phone stood out from the generic phones of that time and became the new cool in town. The great thing about this phone was that it wasn’t so expensive that only elites could buy it. In the four-year of its run, this chic, ultra-thin handset sold 130 million units and became one of the most beloved and iconic pieces of technology ever. After that Apple launched its iPhone and everything went down the memory lane. After almost a decade later, Motorola has launched a new handset; a reimagined Razr. This handset combines the retro clamshell design with Google’s Android software. It also has an innovative foldable touchscreen display that puts a new twist on the classic flip phone. Foldable phones arrived sometime around last year and created a massive hype. The expectations became really high and they were considered to turn the table around. Motorola is trying to reach back to its market and appeal to the consumers as it did back then in the early 2000s. It’s hoping that the nostalgic chords it tugs at, combined with a seamless 6.2-inch display will turn the game around. Its compact design will also generate awareness not just for the Razr, but for the upcoming phones as well.

The screen of Motorola Razr

The screen of the new Motorola Razr is made of plastic. A fingernail runs through the perimeter of the display and the bezel. Because of this support, the phone’s screen folds and gives it the new look it has. There is also a channel that collects dust keeping the screen of the phone repair safe.


How does it fold flat?

The hinge design of the Motorola Razr comes with an open cavity. Because of it being plastic, the looped portion of the screen has this open cavity. The plastic screens do not usually do not fold flat that’s why there is a gap. There’s this air gap inside the phone but you just don’t see it, so the design appears to be flat. The gap is a 0.2mm which is between the display and hinge.


How do you use the cameras?

Motorola Razr has a 16-megapixel camera beneath the exterior display. Users can use the camera most of the time to take photos, selfies included. The 5-megapixel camera of the Razr is mostly used for video calls. There is not a telephoto or a wide-angle lens, but there is a software-assisted portrait mode as well as Night Vision which can be used for extreme low-light shots.

Tapping into nostalgia

The razr design that was originally launched in the 2000s had a 10 millimeter-thick chassis. With the design reinvented, it evokes an emotional reaction whenever you hold it. The phone is a callback to the simpler times when they were actually used for phone calls. It is also a reminder that Motorola was the pioneer of innovation. It poured massive dollars into the project that only Apple and Google are able to do now. Although the new Razr isn’t a literal interpretation of the classic one, it shares many of the same traits and evokes our sensibilities when we hold it.

With the Motorola Razr reinvented it has all eyes on it. No one wants to miss this feeling of going down the memory lane and not enjoy the nostalgic feel of it. Even if it’s not that practical, people have bought it or are planning to buy it, to bring back the memories of the past. The users of this phone are buying it for old time’s sake and are very happy about it. Buying the reinvented Motorola Razr isn’t a bad idea and it is not as expensive so the users are not thinking much before spending an amount on this handset.

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