iPhone 12 and its best features explained


Technology is taking toll everyday and improving a lot with the passage of time. This improvement is catered to by keeping in view user’s demands and necessities. Apple has always been the player of the marketplace. Every year it launches the phones with innovation and unique features. This is what makes these phones standout in the marketplace. Out of all the iPhones that Apple has announced, iPhone 12 is probably the most regular of all but it still has some amazing and compelling features. From design to the internal features, it has something every phone should have. Here are some of the features explained in detail.

New design

The design of the new iPhone 12 brings back the memories of old days, when iPhone 4 was launched. The iPhone 4 design became really popular with its flat edges that were sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Iphone 12 adds a modern flavor to this design and with the latest technology. The design satisfies the aesthetic eye and is a modern take on a classic design. A quick glance is all you need to satisfy your aesthetic thirst by looking at iPhone 12. The new iPhone 12 is 15% smaller, 16% lighter, and 11% thinner than its predecessor; the iPhone 11. The only negative remark that users have given about the iPhone 12 design is that the flat edges are a little less comfortable. It is difficult to hold it in the hand than the rounded edges of its predecessor.


MagSafe represents a group of accessories that comes with the new iPhone 12. These are specifically designed for the iPhone 12. The most famous of them is the charger that comes with the magnetic connection. This MagSafe charger that comes with a magnet, aligns perfectly with the rear case of the iPhone 12. It provides faster wireless charging than a standard charger, up to 15W in total. That being said, the biggest improvement that the MagSafe Charger offers is the magnetic connection that it offers. This charger auto-aligns with the iPhone and you won’t have to worry about the phone getting charged or not. The users can easily use their phone attached to the charger when it is getting charged. One can watch videos, even take pictures with the charger connected and live a hassle free, socket less life.

5G cellular connectivity

5G is known as the fifth-generation mobile network standard. This connectivity offers a much larger range of frequencies, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Thus, this cellular connectivity provides faster speed, along with increased network capacity and availability. If you are a resident of the US, 5G performance has everything to do with your carrier and the location you are using your iPhone. Being in the US the mmWave capability with the iPhone 12 is available but it isn’t available outside the States. As Apple isn’t shipping the iPhone 12 outside of the US with the necessary mmWave hardware so if you live outside, you can’t enjoy the leisures. Find a good carrier nearby and you will be able to enjoy the fastest speed in your area.

OLED display

The OLED display is better and inexpensive as compared to the LCD display. Apple becomes “low-end” for the first time. The new iPhone 12 is moving from the Liquid Retina HD display to the much more desirable Super Retina XDR display from the Pro lineup. Whatever the silly marketing terms are, this is just another way of saying that the regular iPhone now has an OLED display instead of an LCD display.


All the above explained features are what make iPhone 12 regular but innovative. The MagSafe, new and improved OLED display that makes the videos a pleasure to look at and the sleek design makes it stand out in the marketplace.The amazing features that iPhone 12 offers should not be resisted. There isn’t a chance that a regular user would not want to buy this amazing handset with all these features keeping in view.

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