What is the Legal Marketing Association?


Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is a non-profit organisation which was founded and established way back in 1985 for the sole purpose of imparting knowledge and information about the legal lens of marketing, business development and a whole range of other services and businesses. The association, which is heavily involved with lawyers from a range of industries and business services, is at its core, a forum that enables people working in the legal sectors of communication and client services to socialise, network and exchange and share ideas on how to make the industry better and work more towards the common good.

The Legal Marketing Association works towards the betterment of lawyers in the country and enables them to outshine and gain a competitive advantage over the others by providing the legal fraternity with training and information on how to develop their practices and how to grow professionally as a member of the legal fraternity.

What is the Legal Marketing Association?

The Legal Marketing Association can be considered a mainstay of the legal industry, which is due to the fact that the LMA hosts educational programmes for lawyers and legal personnel, not to mention the yearly conferences it arranges for industry leaders and experts to share their findings, their thoughts and ideas with a greater audience.

It is also the leader in providing resources, both educational and informative, to potential entrants to the legal industry and industry insiders themselves. These resources include a vast digital library, a service provider bank/ directory and a portal which can be used to monitor any new openings or jobs for legal personnel in any government or private establishment. It can be considered the ultimate resource in helping out the legal industry with better, well-informed and well-educated lawyers.

What is the goal of Legal Marketing Association?

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is more than just an educational and informative platform. It is a platform for the people of legal profession to discuss, present and learn. The LMA has three goals that it has pursued with excellent results since its inception 35 years ago.

1.To set and maintain the bar for all the legal personnel involved in a wide variety of professional applications including client service, marketing, communications and business development.
2.To provide members of the legal fraternity with the requisite information and education on a host of issues and disciplines that helps them grow professionally and personally.
3.Most importantly, LMA provides a platform and a forum for members of the legal fraternity to share their thoughts and ideas in front of a relevant and a lively, bustling audience.

What makes Legal Marketing Association different than others?

While there are many platforms like the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) that focus on the professional and personal capacity of the human resource in the legal fraternity and focus on building the quality of their selves. However, where LMA beats out the rest is the host of benefits and perks they provide with their membership. Following are a few of them,

Academic and legal-educational programmes designed to intimate attendees of the various intricacies of the trade and to make them well-versed in the actual business; be it business development or legal marketing.
Annual conference that is highly covered and attended by big names of the industry. They share their valuable insights and their ideas with the whole fraternity, making it more of an occasion to attend.
The LMA also provides a host of other educational and informative resources to be used by the lawyers; including a digital library full of related books and literature and a job bank and directory that is refreshed daily with new employment options.
Opportunities for the legal fraternity to mingle and network among other professionals and many more benefits.



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