Work-from-home is the new normal; The boss is watching


COVID-19 has affected us all a great deal. It is the biggest change after the Great Plague and everyone is affected by it. Be it children, adults or the younger lot. COVID-19 has undoubtedly resulted in various changes in everyone’s life. It has limited people from being locked up in houses to working from home. With the work at home taking a toll, there was a dire need felt by the corporations to keep a tab on the employees and the work that was being done at that time. New tactics for increasing the productivity of workers were thought of by the corporation. Some of the corporations even incorporated monitoring equipment along with the date of workers. The rise of COVID-19 forced the employees out of the place of work to their home setups. This altogether changed the dynamics of the workplace. According to a research, after putting monitoring tools on worker gadgets “dramatically speeded up” the productivity of the employees.

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How has the use of tracking changed?

Since the pandemic started, work from home became a thing and the business owners became worried about how things were going to be. They started using tracking devices that kept track of the workers routine of their systems. Things changed drastically and people realized that work from home was possible, so the workers started becoming negligible about their work. This is the reason why the business owners established these tracking devices into the systems that were given to them so that they could keep a track of whatever they were doing. This simply speeded up the longer term into the existing which means that people had the idea that no one was to go anywhere if they just got done with what they had to do in the allotted time. According to research 16% of businesses put monitoring tools on the laptop repair of their workers all these measures were taken so that the business will not go down as it has since COVID-19 started.

It was a good decision because the owners felt as if they were surveilling the people and controlling them at the same time. a good thing about it was that people did not lose their jobs they just had to follow the orders of whatever their bosses were saying and keep earning which most people were not at the time of COVID-19.

Worker tracking: How we were given right here

Tracking means keeping records of anything. You must have heard of tracking devices installed in cars, offices through which one can trace whatever was being done in the meantime when someone was not around. Same is the case with worker tracking. It is keeping track of whatever an employee does. Although it is a sensitive topic and workers were very disturbed about being exploited and not being given the right to autonomy or privateness that they demanded but the business owners had their own reasons. they had to keep or track for their own sake and for the good of their business. corporations went lengths to spice up employee’s productivity by increasing finances. So, they used these things and many other reasons to tell their employees that they had to do it for the company’s sake and made sure that they were not breaching any kind of employee privacy except for the work they were doing for the Corporation. The meetings that were held online were also being recorded for the sake of company policy to keep records of the business. Employees and employers both went lengths to make sure that they didn’t lose what they had in those trying times so everyone tried to accommodate each other in the best possible way.


Although it was against work ethics to look into someone’s system, this gave the bosses a new kind of autonomy they have always wanted. Most of the companies even now are keeping track of their workers’ routine so that they could look into what is going on under their noses.

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