Laser hair removal: advantages and disadvantages for the skin


Laser hair removal is a method that involves the removal of unwanted hair using a beam of light. Through a specific wavelength, which is emitted by a professional machine. The target is the bulb of the hair, or their “root”. This will be targeted selectively, inhibiting hair growth.

Is the laser session performed at a specific time?

Yes, the “anagen” phase is preferred, i.e. that of hair growth, where there is the maximum concentration of melanin (the hair coloring pigment) inside the bulb.

Can we talk about definitive epilation?

No, the use of this term is not appropriate. Laser hair removal can be long-lasting if done correctly, but it is not permanent. This is incorrect information that should always be emphasized. It is important to rely on a professional service such as 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal to carry out the laser treatment.

Does laser hurt the skin?

It depends, if performed with obsolete or uncertified machinery or by unprepared personnel, it can absolutely create problems, even very serious ones, for your skin. It is right to be informed of this, it is always necessary to contact medical personnel trained and competent in the method to entrust one’s health to a qualified professional. Never forget that the skin is the largest organ of your body and it is important to respect it and treat it with care. Trust only expert medical personnel for your health and beauty.

Can other hair removal methods be used during laser hair removal sessions?

There is only one method of hair removal that is correct to combine with laser hair removal: the razor. Because working on the bulb of the hair it is necessary to avoid all those methods that “rip” it, such as waxing and tweezers.

What are the benefits of laser for skin?

Certainly beyond the aesthetic aspect, laser treatment is indicated in all those physiological, paraphysiological or pathological conditions, in which there is a problem of the bulb, such as folliculitis, cysts or ingrown hairs, in order to resolve it in a definitive.

What are the disadvantages of laser for skin?

If performed correctly, by trained medical personnel and with certified machinery, the disadvantages of laser hair removal are practically non-existent. For this reason, a careful choice of the reference medical center is essential. Otherwise, a laser hair removal session performed incorrectly, or with a machine unsuitable for the patient’s skin type, can cause serious damage to the skin.

What can be the side effects of laser hair removal?

If performed correctly, the side effects are rare and limited, the most common being transient erythematous reactions that resolve on their own or with the use of topical therapy. However, the side effects of improperly performed laser treatment can also be serious and include first and second degree burns, and hyperpigmented spots. It can also cause a pathological change in moles if they are not adequately protected and shielded. For these reasons, I advise you against relying on inadequately trained and professional staff, the consequences for your health can also be serious.

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