Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR explains marriage and credit

Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR

There will always be a certain amount of closeness between you and your spouse financially. However, when it comes to credit it is better to form the limits before marriage so one does not end up becoming confused afterward. This will only make one more confused. This can also create problems in your marriage if there are certain things that you have not discussed before.

Can you marry someone with a bad credit score?

Of course, you can, this decision will always be on you and no one can decide for you who you should marry. However, if this comes as a shock to you after marriage, then maybe you made the wrong decision after all. It is better for your partner to be honest with you as you both will be running the household.

Does marrying someone with a bad credit score affect you? Does marrying someone with a good score affect you

It will not affect you personally however yes if you want to apply for mortgages etc, then it may affect you after all. This is because lenders tend to look at the scores of each.

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Will marriage improve your credit score? Will it worsen your credit score?

Yes, in fact, it may be because lenders will be looking at scores of you both when mortgages are concerned, for example. It is better to keep both credit scores good for better lending options, but if you both are at a point where you do not end up looking good with a lot of debt on you both, then this could be an issue.

Does marriage mean everything has to be done jointly?

You do not have to do everything jointly, it is certainly a choice you can make for yourself. If it does not suit you or your partner then you do not have to do anything jointly. These are matters that have to be solved before your marriage is brought to existence.

If your spouse helps you out in bringing your credit down, then that is up to you, however, if it does not happen then your spouse has no obligation to do so at all. There will never be an obligation of any kind and you should not be feeling that way at all that your spouse has done something disrespectful by declining you.

If your marital name is different, will it change your credit history?

That may not be an occurrence at all, and will not actually end up changing your credit history. You will still have the same credit score that was supposed to be on your card and this will be a score that will only change as per your actions.

Marriage should not affect your credit badly and you should tell your spouse what is right and what is wrong. If you do not want them to share your card, then tell them not to. You do not want to be under debt for your actions. Try out

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