What is the Purpose of Minimum Order Amount on Alibaba?


When you’re first starting out on Alibaba, it’s important to understand the purpose of the minimum order amount. You’ll also want to learn about Trade Assurance, Escrow, and Verified suppliers. This article will help you figure out why you should care about product quality, as this is one of the most important aspects of the Alibaba buying experience.

Trade Assurance

If you want to guarantee your payment security, you should use Trade Assurance (TA). It helps you protect yourself against payment issues, and Alibaba provides this service for free. A third party financing partner is available for trade assurance orders. 

Trade Assurance offers protection for covered amounts when you buy items from certain suppliers. A supplier with Trade Assurance will usually have an Assessed Supplier status, which is a more rigorous certification. 

In order to qualify for Trade Assurance, you must order a certain amount of product. However, if you’re a small merchant or a business, it’s not difficult to meet that requirement. If you buy products at wholesale prices, you should look into Trade Assurance. Once you meet this requirement, you can be sure that the item you ordered is safe and authentic.


The minimum order amount on Alibaba is designed to protect both the buyer and the supplier from fraud. Before you buy, make sure you know how escrow works. The escrow service holds your money until the seller receives it. Once the buyer confirms receipt of the order, Escrow will release the money to the seller. 

If you choose to use Trade Assurance, you can be sure your payments will be safe. Trade Assurance is an insurance policy that holds money for the supplier until the buyer confirms the receipt of goods. You must always remain professional and courteous.

Alternatively, you can opt to pay through a third party, which is run by the Alibaba group. Choosing a third-party service, such as Trade Assurance, reduces the risk and ensures that the goods you buy will arrive on time.

Verified suppliers

Buying from a supplier that has achieved Alibaba’s ‘Verified Supplier’ badge is a great way to avoid scammers. Verified suppliers have a dedicated customer service team and are more likely to take quality seriously. There’s no minimum order amount for verified suppliers. It all depends on your needs and the size of your business. Here are some tips to help you find the best suppliers:

Look for the Gold Supplier status. This supplier has been verified by a third party and holds the Gold Supplier status for several years. A supplier that has passed this check has passed Alibaba’s verification process, which includes a comprehensive review of the supplier’s company and factory. You can also look for the supplier’s R&D team and design services. 

Always choose a verified supplier on Alibaba and consider more than just price. Besides the price, other factors such as MOQ, payment terms, and response time are also important. Make sure you communicate with your supplier via email. This will help you document any important issues and serve as evidence if a dispute arises later. These two steps are crucial for a successful Alibaba purchasing experience.

Choose verified suppliers from Alibaba to ensure the best quality. Select verified suppliers with the lowest minimum order quantity to ensure the quality of their products. If you’re not sure about their qualifications, you can also consider hiring a sourcing agent. These agents can help you find the best-matched suppliers and help you filter out the unqualified ones.

Product quality

Purchasing a sample is a good way to test the quality of a product. Some Alibaba suppliers charge for this service and ship the samples, so it is important to choose your suppliers carefully. You should also focus on products that are profitable per unit. 

Before you place your order, it’s important to understand how Alibaba’s verification process works. First, Alibaba has a verification system for its suppliers. This verification process alerts buyers to whether individual manufacturers are trustworthy and have a good track record. Once you’ve found a verified supplier, you can proceed to negotiate a price with them.

Secondly, Alibaba allows suppliers to sell directly to retailers. This makes it possible to negotiate a price that is lower than similar products sold elsewhere. Thirdly, the minimum order quantity on Alibaba is negotiable.

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