What is the Right Age to Buy a Health Insurance Policy?


The increase in common health problems in recent years has led to an exponential rise in the sales of health insurance policies. While this has been the norm for most working professionals, there are others who are following suit too. The changing trends are a response to the fast-paced lives we lead, resulting in both genetic and lifestyle diseases in both children and adults. Along with this, there are a number of factors like an increase in air pollution, working long hours, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, etc., that contribute to our health. These factors have made us vulnerable to serious ailments like obesity, diabetes, PCOD, and other cardiovascular diseases.   

While most people generally opt for health insurance in their mid or late thirties, nowadays, there are people buying them in their mid-twenties. This leads to the question, what is the right age to buy a health insurance policy? 

Is it Ideal to Get a Health Insurance Policy Early?

When it comes to health insurance policies, there is no such thing as too early. The golden rule is the earlier the better. Any time is a good time for securing our finances to help provide for our health. The evolution of science and technology has improved healthcare tremendously but, it has also increased the treatment costs equally. This is where health insurance policies come into play. It provides you with the necessary medical and financial help and keeps you and your family secure.

With a health insurance policy in place, you are eligible to avail a number of benefits like coverage of medical and critical illnesses, hospitalization costs, daycare expenses, regular and annual health check-ups, maternity benefits, assured sum insured, surgery costs, etc. Besides the exhaustive benefits of health insurance policies, there are other benefits that come along with buying an insurance policy early. Listed below are the benefits of buying a health insurance policy early.

  • Lower Premiums 
  • No Medical Check-Up Before Getting the Policy
  • Lower or No Waiting Period
  • Better Coverage
  • Lower Chances of Policy Rejection
  • Wider Range of Options
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Tax Benefits
  • Coverage for a Longer Period
  • Security of Financial Assistance
  • Complimentary Annual Health Check-ups

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Buying a health insurance policy is one of the most basic and important steps of financial planning. It acts as your safety net for any medical problems and keeps you and your family medically secure. You can even obtain a policy as soon as you turn 18 if you can afford it. While choosing a health insurance policy, it is important to do ample research and choose a policy that best fits your requirements and budget. Amongst the various benefits it offers, the best is definitely the mental peace and stress-free life you get to lead.

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