Things You Need to Learn About Wine Cellars

Wine Cellars

During the construction of your building, you might consider adding several features to make it more functional. Others would build a garden where they grow different flowers or plants to make their property attractive. But if you are interested in collecting different brands of wine bottles, you should consider adding a wine cellar.

That is why some companies and businesses can build you a custom wine cellar that will fit your standards. You should know that wine cellars are vital to effectively store and protect your wine bottles from harsh elements. If you are new to wine cellars, you can start by learning everything you need to know about it.

Keeping it Cool is a Must.

One interesting fact about wine is that you should never store them under high heat temperatures. Temperatures above 70° F can cause the wine to age quickly, deeming it undrinkable for most wine enthusiasts. If the temperatures go above 70° F, there is a big chance that the wine will become cooked, which would destroy its flavours and aromas.

That is why most wine cellars are built perfectly to adhere to the perfect temperature and keep the wines from degenerating. Most wine experts believe that wine should be stored at a temperature between 45° F and 65° F, wherein 55° F is supposed to be the “perfect temperature” for wine bottles.

Avoid Cooling It for Long Periods

Another reason many wine enthusiasts create a custom wine cellar is they want to avoid placing them in cooling containers like refrigerators. The only time you can put your wine in a cold temperature is when you plan on drinking it after a few months. But when you store them for more than a few years, they can lose their overall flavour and distinction.

The science behind it is that wine stored at 45° F or lower can cause the moisture to disappear, which is one vital element to keep the cork wine from drying out. Once the cork dries out, air can seep inside the bottle and destroy the wine. You should also avoid freezing the wine as the contents can freeze up and push the cork out.

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Less Light Equals More Shelf Life

You will never see any wine cellar placed outside in the open where it is exposed to direct sunlight every day because wine is light sensitive. UV rays can negatively impact wine, causing it to prematurely age and degrade its flavour. It is also why winemakers always place wine in dark tinted bottles that are almost difficult to see through.

Leaving the lights on under the cellars may not damage the contents, but it will cause the wine labels to fade off of the bottle. If you plan on becoming a wine collector, make sure you always turn off the lights after visiting the wine cellar to keep the labels from fading off. A good tip is to use incandescent bulbs as they are slightly safer than fluorescent bulbs that emit small traces of ultraviolet rays.

Make sure you contact a professional that can create the best wine cellar for your wine collection. Never settle for less when it comes to wine cellars, as the expenses might become too much to handle when things go south, such as wine bottles losing flavour or labels getting erased.

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