Top list Korean Webtoons in 2021 that Readers Should Read


When we think of webtoons nowadays, we think of colorful comic pages that run from the beginning to the finish of the chapter. It is not the same as an old-fashioned webcomic or a regular comic.

With their distinctive and inventive vertical arrangement, webtoons have revolutionized the comic business, particularly electronic comics. Readers’ mobile reading experiences become more smooth thanks to the vertical layout. We may now scroll down instead of needing to zoom in close to each dialog.

Nowadays, we think of webtoons as colorful comic pages that run from the beginning to the end of each episode. It isn’t the same as a traditional webcomic or a traditional comic.

Webtoons have changed the comic industry, particularly electronic comics, with their unique and imaginative vertical format. Because of the vertical arrangement, readers’ mobile reading experiences become more fluid.

For those of you who are fans of manhwa comics in general and Webtoon in particular, they will not be able to ignore the benefits of reading Webtoon. The good point is that learning Korean through comics is the most effective. Please try and experience it.

If you are a beginner on this topic, follow the list of the best Webtoons below.

  1. Sound of Your Heart

The story talks about a family that is the same as real family life. And the Sound of Your Heart, the book based on the blockbuster film of the same name, will unveil unique stories and offer amusement to anybody who possesses it.

  1. Kubera

Kubera is the protagonist, a god who was predicted to bring tremendous change to the earth. In a village, the narrative begins. When she goes home one day, she realizes that her life has been turned upside down after a fire has devoured the entire hamlet, including all of her relatives. As a result, she flees to the city to seek Asha’s assistance. The story’s beginning and introduction appear to be typical shounen, yet they aren’t. The setting is vast and intricate, and the tale is told through the eyes of many different individuals.

  1. About Death

About Death is the perfect manhwa for a Scorpio with an indescribable sense of humor. About Death follows God, who listens to different stories related to life and death. What happens after a person dies? This webtoon contains all the answers a Scorpio person will want to discover.

  1. Cheese In The Trap

Cheese In The Trap is a comic book based on author Soon Ki’s renowned webtoon of the same name, which has received over 1.1 billion views from fans. The story is about the school narrative of Hong Seol, a hardworking female student, and Yoo Jung, a mystery senior. Yoo Jung, the male lead, is a mystery “two-faced” character. Hong Seol, the female lead, is a hard working, good student, and strong woman who is wary of the perfect senior Yoo Jung.

  1. Untouchable

Sia Lee is a vampire who touches humans to steal energy from them in the Untouchable. She is distinct from other vampires in that she does not drink blood. When Sia falls in love with her next-door neighbor Jiho and refuses to be touched, the tale takes a hilarious turn. To find out what happens to their relationship, read the webtoon.

  1. The Tower of God

The Tower of God is the first and primary narrative in the Talse Uzer world. Twenty-Fifth Baam — a man trapped under a mystery tower – is the primary character of the series. Because he only has one buddy, Rachel, Baam decided to unlock the tower and hunt her down.

  1. Noblesse

The story revolves around the war of three races, Noble (Vampire Noble), Werewolf, who dominate humanity and the whole world. The main character of the story is Rai, a Noblesse of Noble species. After 820 years of deep sleep, Rai wakes up in Korea and continues to protect humanity against the threat of the Alliance, the treacherous Noble, and the Werewolves.

  1. Days of Hana

A story about the world of people living together. Hana and Haru are childhood friends, but they are not similar. Even though werewolves are gaining greater rights, society still views them as unusual creatures.

  1. DICE

In DICE, the male protagonist is small, ugly, hunchbacked, freckled. Until he was able to get a plant. The dice can grant him beauty, health, and talent, as well as the ability to modify his appearance with service units. From then, he became well-known and well-liked by a large number of people.

  1. Oh! Holy

A weak boy who can see ghosts, a beautiful girl who just transferred schools noticed his weakness. A small promise between the two, did the other guy forget? A little understanding, does it keep them apart? Follow Jamie Oh and this Holy Joo girl.

  1. Surviving Romance

Chaerin, like many heroines in romance manhwa novels, lives a comfortable and happy existence. Jeha, the male protagonist, is all she cares about, and everything else is simply black outlines to her. But then her tale shifted to a new chapter. She suddenly realizes that if she wants to live and work with the individuals she despises to survive. This genre-defying narrative comes from the author.

  1. If AI rules the world

This series is not to be missed if you enjoy creativity. In the narrative, you will be transported to a future where artificial intelligence will drive your automobile and answer all of your concerns. All of this ease, however, comes at a high cost. When AI no longer cares about humanity’s best interests, it might represent a threat. This Webtoon is now one of the best-selling webtoons due to its appealing content.

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  1. Omniscient reader

Back in the day, Dokja still didn’t know anything. Little did he know his favorite web novel ‘Three Methods of Surviving in a Perishing World’ would come true, and he would become the only one who knew how the world would end. Nor did he know he would become the main character of the novel that turned into reality. Dokja will now have to embark on a survival mission to alter the story’s trajectory and personnel type for good.

  1. True Beauty

True Beauty has content revolving around I’m Ju Gyeong. She was often criticized, even becoming a character who started school because of her bad appearance. After transferring to a new school, I’m Ju Gyeong gathers points to change symbols. Beauty after makeup Im Ju Gyeong became the new goddess of the school. She quickly became the center of attention, received the attention of everyone around, and was pursued by both the most popular boys, Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jin.

  1. Lookism

Lookism is strangely dark, surprising, and takes diverse paths, brimming with varied topics and personalities. The plot is engaging and varied, including Daniel and other characters whom he has encountered. This Manhwa is a sinewy mixture that spins step by step, from warring gangs to torture and arrests, to homelessness, crime, and everything else the fundamental currency is appearances.

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