Background Screening Is a Vital Part of the Recruitment Process – Here’s Why

Background Screening Is a Vital Part of the Recruitment Process

When someone applies for a job, usually they will have to complete an application form and be successful at an interview. You would think that these are the solely required stages to undergo, however, this is not true. Most candidates will have to go through a background check before they are officially given the role they applied for. Whether you get the job will heavily depend on the outcome of this check, as the employer’s decision will ultimately rely on this factor.


Not everyone has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the recruitment process overall, or why there are strict systems in place that must be followed. This article will discuss why background screening is a vital part of the recruitment process, so you have a better understanding of this. 

It Ensures Employee’s Qualifications

As part of job applications, you are usually asked what qualifications and training you have that have prepared you for the job you are applying for. Most employers like to see that you have appropriate experience whenever you apply for a role, to show that you can already do the job. This saves them from having to spend the majority of time training you, as you will already have the skills. This is why they ask what jobs you have done in the past and check these as part of your background screening. In addition to this, the employer will also request references from your past jobs, so that they can confirm you are an exemplary employee and to support your application. 

To Keep All Staff Safe

Having a criminal record does not necessarily mean someone is a bad person – however, it may tell companies about the type of individual you are. Some convictions will stop you from working certain roles, depending on what this is; and it is within the employer’s rights to not hire someone based on their criminal record, no matter previous experience. Understandably, people may want to lie or omit their criminal records, which is another reason background screenings are vital. This will tell the hiring party whether a candidate has previous criminal convictions and what these are. 

It is a Quick Process

This is a vital process, and it also does not take a long time for it to go through or much effort from the candidates or even from employers. The DBS checks mavens at advise that this can now be completed online by using appropriate systems, which was not done previously. You can easily do this over the phone with your employer, and then you will only need to show them your official documents in person. They should have the outcome of this check within a few days. 

To Check Candidates’ Identity

Lying about your identity can be easy, especially if you want to tell an employer that you have certain qualifications that you do not have or if you want to hide your criminal record. Employers have the ability to verify your identity through background screening. This will also prove that you are legal in the country you reside in and that you have the right to work there.

A background screening is a vital part of the recruitment process and something everyone must undertake. If you have been asked to do this, the reasons detailed above should increase your understanding as to why this is.

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