4 Reasons why Video Marketing is Essential for Small Business

Video Marketing

Video marketing is crucial for small businesses- this is absolutely true. But why?

The customers of the present times love videos and are highly effective for all kinds of businesses. Surveys in the field show that 80% of businesses use online videos for advertising their products and services.

What’s even better- around 99% of the businesses using online videos have plans of continuing the same in the near future. Yet another good news- 67% of businesses not having any video marketing strategy are working on creating one this 2021.

These are just a few reasons highlighting the importance of video marketing for small businesses. We will have a look at a few more below:

Videos Are Appealing (specifically to the mobile users)

Mobiles and videos go hand in hand. Research shows that 90% of individuals watch videos on their smartphones. That’s because people spend a lot of time on their phones every day.

Hence, there is no better way of marketing your products and services than video marketing. Isn’t it? Do you agree with all the marketers out there?

Videos Bring in More Leads and Visitors

The world of business today runs on digital marketing initiatives. There are different practices in this marketing realm, giving businesses the flexibility to opt-in or out of certain practices.

But opting in for a video marketing strategy means businesses separate and even elevate themselves from their competitors. Reports suggest that videos are effective in making 82% of the online traffic.

Small business owners usually have their own unique ways of creating video contents in which planning, editing and scheduling would be time-consuming. Having an idea on how to batch create videos for a small business will take the stress out of this time-consuming task and even save money. This has a higher chance that a business can be seen and found and will also help them generate leads that they’ve missed out.

Hence, small businesses still not making any marketing videos should work on it as it’s high time they should have one at least. It’s important for the small businesses looking to have a credible presence and existence in the market.

Videos Create and Even Increase Business Awareness

If you take statistics into account, over 8 billion videos are recorded on a regular basis. This means people are highly responsive to videos. Visual content is more effective in attracting the majority of the audiences than any other form of content.

Videos engage the audiences and help them in knowing more about a company. Attention-grabbing and engaging videos with the right marketing plan can go a long way in rapidly boosting the brand’s presence.

Videos Are Good at Narrating Brand Stories

Use InVideo for making a video for your business and share it on different social media platforms. In no time, you will find opportunities to interact with the customers coming in for you. How is that possible?

That’s possible because the top-quality and well-made, professional-grade videos narrate a brand story most effectively. They allow prospective customers to become familiar with a business and the exclusive value that it offers.

This whole procedure works beneficially for small businesses since videos can increase awareness and communicate differentiating factors that set a brand apart from its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing – it’s ROI-oriented, advantageous, and modern! The video marketing statistics above stand testimonial to the claim that video marketing is essential for small businesses.

It established such businesses as unique entities in the market, helping them improve the awareness of their products and services.

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