How Do You Clean Velvet Upholstery Properly?


Cleaning is a part of human life, but house cleaning is an entirely different science. It requires your well-known knowledge about the item you are going to wash. The method of cleaning and washing each item is different. For which it is very important to know the structure of this item. Your less knowledge can put you into a troubling situation so one should be very clear about the cleaning fabric details like velvet upholstery classification.

Because cleaning can differently behave on synthetic and the real one. Modern cleaning methods don’t apply to all types of fabrics. Some may produce negative results and can become non-reversible circumstances. Which causes damage and a useful item is lost. Real velvet fabric includes silk, cotton, and made up of natural fibers. It is delicate and demands special attention and handle with care.

Upholstery steam cleaning at home can affect the fiber and results would be opposite to make it clean. It can ruin the furniture too. Many professionals are offering their expert services by charging less amount. Selection of furniture covering fabric is a tough task. It must be experienced to ensure its durability and comfort. One makes effort to match covering material with the complete room décor aesthetic. Velvet is comfortable and subtle colors enhance the look of the furniture. It gives the room an executive look.

Guests and relatives come and sit in this place, so it is important to have beautiful things here. But velvet fabric maintenance requires superior consideration. Because dirt can be easily seen on this fabric. It doesn’t hide the dirt you didn’t clean for a week. Therefore, the most important thing is to clean it and if there are any dust particles, it should be cleaned.

Tips for upholstery maintenance

In this matter, there are some tips which one should keep in mind while planning a washing day at home. Because where there are other tasks in the daily routine, it is also important to include this task.

When you find a spill stain on velvet, rubbing should be avoided. Because friction damages the silk fabric and leaves marks that look ugly. Deep scrubbing can ruin the fabric. It will help stain to get indulge deeper into velvet. After which it becomes difficult to clean the silk cloth and the possibility of losing a valuable item increases.

Better to use a clean towel and keep washing the cloth regularly. Vacuuming once a week is recommended by the cleaning experts. Any debris, dirt, soiling exteriorly present on velvet upholstery can be cleaned with the vacuum only. Removing dirt timely can help in maintaining furniture life span, and it doesn’t spoil the color of the furniture and keeps it shiny.

Steam cleaners are easy to handle for many housework utensils cleaning. If a delicate fabric or sanitization matters, then upholstery cleaning can be the most suitable cleaning method. It removes the stubborn stains and those embedded into the fabric. The steam eradicates allergens which cause diseases as well as skin allergies and are very harmful to the body.

How to use a steam cleaner?

Unlike sponge down, steaming can be done quickly and with minimal drying times afterward. Plus, it offers virtually the same benefits as traditional shampooing. To use Steam Cleaning, it is important to know about it first so that you can benefit from the best results of Steam Cleaning. Thoroughly shake the cloth before steam cleaning to remove any apparent dust. Keep the steamer at least six to eight inches away from the fabric. Carefully rotate the steamer over the surface of the fabric.

Vacuuming thoroughly

The vacuum cleaner can easily remove dust particles deep inside the fabric. This will help prevent the use of water which is harmful to the furniture. Do not move the vacuum cleaner to the cleaning area quickly but use it slowly and gently.

Use of cleaners

The use of professional upholstery cleaners, no doubt clean up the furniture items quickly and proficiently. These products offer extensive cleaning to the objects and even evict the sturdy stains from the furniture too. Just keep in mind, such chemicals are not abrasive or reactive to any surface. They are green and safe chemicals, you must check before purchasing them. It keeps your furniture items safe and protected.

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