Measuring Employee Engagement Survey- A Step by Step Guide


Employee engagement surveys help to analyze the involvement and engagement of employees in the workplace. This survey is designed to understand why employees get demotivated at work and how to keep them encouraged so that they can perform their tasks efficiently.

A workforce should be motivated so that the company’s productivity rate increases which is important to meet the goals and objectives of the business. Employee engagement surveys are designed to measure the commitment of employees towards work, a sense of purpose and other factors that will keep them motivated.

Importance of measuring employee engagement survey

Conducting an employee engagement survey is vital for a company in order to understand the physical and emotional condition of the employees. It helps to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats involved within the employees working for the organization.

It will help to detect where the employees face the most trouble and where to fill in the gaps. Based on the assessments, training can be conducted in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees. This will keep the employees motivated as there will be plenty of room for growth and development which will benefit them.

To let the employees know that their company cares about them enhances the loyalty among the workers which helps the organization to become more competitive in the market, generate their sales and profits and aim higher to achieve the objectives of the business. When employees realize that their opinions or feedback matters, their productivity level increases by itself.

It helps to decrease staff turnover and attract external stakeholders which can be beneficial for the organization. Overall staff performance will increase which will help to increase the customer satisfaction and provide better service to the customers.

5 Ways to measure the survey

Measuring employee engagement surveys can be complex but if conducted properly, both employees and companies will be benefitted. Engagement is more about a state of mind and emotion.

Below are a few ways that can help you to measure the survey.

Acknowledge what is important for the employees

Employees value recognition and trust. They are more likely to get motivated while given some authority and control-ship while making decisions. Moreover, transparent communications in between all the employees working in different hierarchical levels is essential to keep the workforce more engaged. It is vital for the organization to identify these factors while measuring an employee engagement survey.

Determine the result

Surveying about the outcomes will help the company  know more about its employees, their behaviors and attitude as well as their emotions. It is essential to know how an employee feels while working with the organization.

Plan the mission and vision of the company

Focus more on the segments where productivity is dropping. Ask the employees where they face the most challenges and complications and act accordingly. Employee satisfaction should be the utmost priority of the organization in order to create a safe working environment.

Engage all stakeholders related to the organization

It is very important that all the employees are engaged while making any sort of decisions and they have to be involved from the beginning to the end of the process. The HR department, executive boards, line managers, and overall all staff involvement is very much required.

Set a focus group

Large organizations do not have the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions for obvious reasons. They can use the focus group method in order to do the research. It will help to jot down everything about employees. Through qualitative and quantitative questionnaires this method can be conducted in order to know what employees like and dislike.

Questionnaires for employees that can be included in the survey

Keep this questionnaire part very short, simple and precise so that employees can easily understand and answer what they are being asked. Include all open-ended questions and close-ended questions.

Below mentioned a few questions can help to make a clear statistical analysis regarding the survey.

  • How do you feel working for the organization?
  • Do you plan to be a part of this organization for the next 5 years?
  • Are you satisfied with how the company works?
  • How is your relationship with your co-workers?
  • Do you think your management is hearing you?
  • Do you understand the aims and objectives of the organization?
  • Do you feel overburdened with the tasks you are assigned?
  • Do you feel oppressed by the office politics around you?
  • Are you able to maintain a work-life balance?
  • Are you satisfied with the rewards and incentives that the company currently provides?
  • Do you recommend any changes?


Employee engagement can be more than just being satisfied with work. Employees might be happy but not actually engaged with work. So it is important to measure the engagement survey in order to know the in-depth of the employees’ involvement within the organization.

The motto is to keep the employees engaged and satisfied for better efficiency resulting in the growth of the company and achieving all the goals an organization aims for.

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