Tips to keep in mind for a first-time traveller to Goa

Tips to keep in mind for a first-time traveller to Goa

India is the home of various tourist destinations, but for a lot of people, Goa appears to be the favorite. W Goa is a popular destination, as it has the best of everything with a laidback jibe. So, if you are moving to this part of the world there are a few points for you to keep in mind.

No point in restricting yourself to the popular beaches

The coastline of Goa is enormous at 105 kilometers and the region is blessed with a plethora of beaches. Calangute or Baga turn out to be the popular beaches and the crowd is enormous, but still, there are plenty of unexpected or small beaches which enable you to relax in solitude. The list includes Butterfly beach and Mobar beach.

Though the beaches turn out to be the popular attractions of Goa, there are a few risks. Sunstroke and sunburn turn out to be the common risks. So, if you are looking to keep away from such risks you need to have high SPF sunscreen, and bathing in the sun has to be in small increments. In addition, do not forget to carry a pair of sunglasses.

When it comes to bathing suits or spotting people with bikinis on the beach Goa is relaxed. But take note of the fact nudity is not allowed on the beach and legal complications are there. Most beaches in this part of the world have a strong rip current, more during the monsoons. These beaches have red flags indicating that swimming might turn out to be dangerous or the high tide might force you onto the sea. So pay attention to the warnings or signs and do not head to the sea without consulting a lifeguard.

Two-wheelers are a delight

An ideal way to cover the length and breadth of Goa is via a two-wheeler or a scooty. Since the roads of the city are well maintained there is no safety hassle. The costs of availing of a bike are cheap and it is dependent upon the on and the offseason. But if you are renting for a number of days the rates can drop considerably. Before you are finalizing a bike take it for a test ride, make sure that the condition of the bike is intact and the brakes are fully functional.

Make sure that you carry your driving license with you always. Helmets are compulsory and you will be getting one along with your bike. There is no need to include it as part of your bike, it is part of the daily rent.

Be active

Banana ride, kayaking, along certain types of yoga experiences would enable you to move across the length and breadth of the coast. Head off to the coast for all these trips and make sure that you do not return back without ticking some of them. W Goa is a popular tourist destination for adventure sports.

Explore beyond the sea and the sand

Most of the visitors would be drawn to the beaches, but it does not indicate the total features of the state. A lot of things are there to witness in the state like museums, churches, wildlife sanctuaries. There are numerous things to do in Goa that enable you to plan your schedule.

Even Goa happens to be the home of the countryside that is waiting to be explored. The spice plantations and quaint environment is something which may be witnessed in the countryside. An ideal way to explore this place is by bike along with the scenic Portuguese homes and the lush green vegetation and figure out how a typical day in the countryside would fold.

North Goa and South Goa do have their own appeal. For the visitors, it is expected that they explore both the regions since they have a lot to offer. A suggestion is to move from North to South. You can tick off all the attractions of North Goa and then move on to the South. You may check out the guide on what all you can expect you can in North Goa and South Goa.

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Get set with the bargaining game spot on

Goa is the home to some of the popular flea markets, and an experience in these markets is haggling that is something to experience. The price point is not the last, so you need to be precise with your bargaining skills. There are some real bargaining skills that you may obtain when it comes to handicrafts, carpets, etc.

Keep away from drugs or alcohol when you are on the beaches

A strong chance exists that you may be invited to rave parties. Take note of the fact that in most of the parties’ drugs might be in circulation. A point to be aware of is consumption or stocking drugs is illegal when you are in Goa. If you are caught with drugs you will land up in jail for 10 years and not forgetting the hefty fine. You have to say no to drugs and this form of invitation. Even drinking in public places like the beach could land you up in jail. So, make sure that you do not participate in such activities.

Apart from all this, there are some basics to consider. Yes, there is the wind, sun, and the sea, so make sure you pack sunscreen along with lightweight clothes. Do not opt for a lot of bling and opt for traditional wear when you are visiting the temple.

Keep a watch on your personal stuff it is going to seem like common sense, but it works out to be a point to consider which you have to keep in mind. Always keep an eye on the various items since pickpockets lure in the background.

Most of the small shops in Goa do not have the option of credit cards. Hence you need to carry cash when you pay a visit to these shops.

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