Top 5 places for you to play html5 Games

Top 5 places for you to play html5 Games

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language for describing what web pages display.  We have been using HTML4 since 1997 – a very long period of technology development.  The problem with HTML4 is that its functions are extremely limited, many developers have to combine with plugins such as CSS, Flash, Java, Silverlight … to meet all the needs of use.  This makes the browser cumbersome and slow, affecting the user experience.

The most distinctive benefit of HTML5 is device independence.  The difference in game programming languages ​​between platforms or browsers is a major obstacle that countless developers need to overcome.  And HTML5 is the solution to this problem.  The synchronization in the programming language of HTML5 has made the game experience much simpler.  Users can now play games on mobile phones, desktop computers or tablets without any difficulty.  You just need to go to the most basic web browser on your smartphone or PC and enjoy your favorite game.

H5 (HTML5) games are becoming more and more diverse and wonderful. Since then, there have been many HTML5 games, both simple and complex.  Gradually, as this new language is cared for more and more, the level of sophistication of the product is also increasing.  People have tried to rewrite the super product Quake II with HTML5, and the results are beyond imagination.

Initially, Html5 was just a place to design websites, but later Html5 has expanded into the field of games. For a long time, many famous games have been published by Html5. After a while of research, we would like to introduce to you a few websites where you can play games

Playing video games is a popular activity these days. Not only the younger generation, but also the elderly, are attracted to these online games.Minecraft is mostly focused on creativity and skill development. Players can enjoy Best Minecraft Prison Servers online.


Ben 10 aliens is considered Html5’s portal. Ben 10 aliens with thousands of attractive ben 10 games and ben 10 omniverse games, you will surely be addicted. The quality of ben10 games in Html5 is good. You can provide your game, then Html5 will rate and rate it, if it’s not good enough, it will be removed.


Crazy games was born a few years after Initially, Crazy games went in the direction of music. Over the years, crazy games has grown similarly to the path of ben 10, teen titans, batman and spiderman games. Recently, their interface has been renewed, adding Wii games.

  1. is considered a directory of Html5 and also a sponsor. You can contribute html5 games by submitting them, then they will moderate them to see if they fit the site and are eligible for sponsorship. are also sponsored on other websites.

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  1. is a place for you to train your brain with extreme games. has over 200 games and they are completely free. Although not a Html5 game, adapts to all your browsers. You can experience it now.

  1. is one of the fastest growing online gaming sites, packed with amazing content. As a gamer, no one does not know about allows users to raise badges and play a maximum of 1 game. In the game, you can collect cards to play turn.

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