How are Singapore Funeral Services conducted?

Singapore Funeral Services

When a beloved one leaves you forever then the pain inside you makes you almost disable and you don’t have any capacity to do anything. Despite that situation of grief and sorrow, a funeral ceremony is necessary to conduct. But it is difficult for the grieving family to conduct a funeral ceremony. So for this purpose, the best solution for this problem is different funeral services providers. Different funeral services providers in Singapore perform their duties in a good manner. These service providers give you a good service and do their duties about the funeral ceremony in an appropriate way. They take care of all aspects of the funeral ceremony. They provide their services according to the package which they buy. Different types of funeral services providers are available in Singapore. Following are some   Singapore funeral services.

How to conduct a Direct funeral service in Singapore?

The most simple funeral service in Singapore is a direct funeral service. It is more reliable and less expensive and perfect for those who want to save their money and time. Direct funeral service is one of various Singapore funeral services. Its package price is affordable and easy to purchase for the poor. Their package may start from 800 dollars. In this funeral service, lengthy rituals are avoided which makes it easily affordable and less time-consuming. In Singapore direct funeral service only supports direct cremation service. Because burial service is more costly. But burial or cremation usually takes place without any funeral wake service ahead of the time. This funeral service only includes necessary items for the funeral ceremony.

How to arrange a direct cremation?

It is very simple, and easy to arrange a direct cremation; you just need to connect with any service provider according to your choice. Then over the Mobile Phone and email, you make all of your arrangements about the funeral ceremony.

Direct cremation consists of the following steps.

  • Arrange a doctor to complete essential paperwork
  • Transfer the dead body from the place of death.
  • Usual care till the day of the funeral
  • Reservation of cremation slot
  • Help with paperwork
  • Moving towards the cremation center
  • Cremation fee
  • Confine ashes

How to conduct a Buddhist funeral service in Singapore?

Buddhists strongly believe in the Samsara concept. Samsara is an unstoppable cycle of death and birth again. And it will only end when one can achieve the point of enough good karma. According to Singapore Chinese culture, Buddhist grievers have to wear plain white clothes. Because according to them a white color represents the purity and dignity of the deceased. After arriving at the funeral wake, grieves have to show their respect for the deceased with a silent bow. If it is possible then offer a loss stick to the altar. And then find a seat and sit there silently. Usually, a Buddhist funeral ceremony is held under the void decks of HDB in Singapore. Sometimes funeral ceremonies are held in funeral halls and as well in temples. In Singapore, the funeral ceremony of Buddhism should take at least three days. And maximum 5 to 7 days. This explains how Buddhist funeral services Singapore packages are conducted.

How to conduct Taoist funeral services in Singapore?

Taoism is a philosophical and spiritual tradition of Chinese origin. Taoist funerals are not common in Singapore due to a lack of practice and knowledge. Buddhism has a role in this religion. The funeral ceremony starts with the holy scripts of Taoists and grievers should grieve as loudly as possible. After showing respect to the deceased, everyone’s coffin will be nailed. During funeral service, a Taoist priest will recite their spiritual scripts and ask forgiveness for the sins of the deceased.

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How to conduct a Catholic funeral service in Singapore?

The basic belief of Catholicism is founded in the Nicene Creed. First, transfer the dead body to the funeral parlor to prepare the deceased for cremation. First, they clean the dead body with the help of wet towels and then use talcum powder. Catholic funeral friends and family of the deceased gather in the same place to pray and can view the coffin.

How to conduct a Christian funeral service in Singapore?

In the Bible, it is mentioned that after death one can rest for all. Christians have the belief that Jesus is the son of God and 2.4 billion people follow this religion. During the funeral ceremony, all people, friends, and family of the deceased wear the black dress except the churchman( father).

  • Transfer the dead body from hospital to home after completing paperwork and then transfer from home to cremation center.
  • Embalming process by qualified staff
  • The wooden polished half glass coffin.
  • A large photograph and a wooden frame for housing this photograph.

Then the Churchman starts the last rituals by saying the holy scripts. Everyone at the funeral ceremony is seated silently and shows respect and grief for the deceased.

Conduct the Soka funeral services in Singapore

Soka Gakkai was developed as a result of the Japanese religious movement. It is considered that Soka is the simple form of Buddhism but it is nothing more than a misunderstanding. There is no concept of a priest in the Soka religion. It is a straightforward funeral ceremony as compared to the traditional one. Soka Gakkai leaders conduct the funeral ceremony of the Soka religion. The organization bases its teachings on Nichiren’s interpretation of the Lotus Sutra and places chanting “Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō” at the center of devotional practice. The organization promotes its goals as supporting “peace, culture, and education”.

Conduct free thinker funeral service in Singapore.

This is a very painful stage when your loved one leaves you to never come back. It is very important to hold a dignified ceremony before taking your loved one away from you. It is the right of every human being to perform one’s last rites in a dignified manner, regardless of one’s religion. Honorable burial is also necessary for people who have no religion. People who have no religion do not bother to focus on any of their religious beliefs when burying them. But they are buried with full respect by Funeral Services providers in Singapore.

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